Where did you come from?

Given the infrequency in updating this site, it being largely self-absorbed uninteresting twaddle or occasional geek-based revelry, it always intrigues me as to how people stumble upon this little corner of the web.  Which is why referrer stats are always quite useful, with the ubquity of Google driving traffic sitewards, it’s fun to look at the key words people searched for to end up here.

Of course, in posting about the words that drew people here that might only strengthen the resolve of those particular terms to bring people here.

In the last year the most popular search terms are:

  1. Protect Your Bubble (or assorted derivations thereof), driven pretty much by this post from June 2011 chronicling the painful experience of getting the insurance company to deal with my claim relating to a broken iPhone 4.  It’s by far my most commented on piece, as people plead for the contact details for Helen – a customer service person who must regret daily the day she decided to proactively comment on my blog post!
  2. iPhone 4 Sticky Button – still on the Apple theme!  Having had a non-responsive home button on my iPhone 4 I decided to dismantle it and fix it, it kinda worked for a while too!
  3. Goddammit – well, you’d kinda expect that to appear somewhere, wouldn’t you?
  4. When I needed a neighbour – the old school assembly hymn (people also search for parts of the song – particularly the line about being cold and naked!).  This drove ridiculous amounts of traffic to my site when a character from Coronation Street was singing it in the cafe a few years ago…
  5. iTunes Artwork – iTunes Match caused all sorts of issue with Artwork.  When my OCD kicks in on my music library it’s a nightmare, so it was great to find some AppleScripts to help me sort out those missing bits and pieces!  It seems from the reasonably frequent visitors to this post that hopefully it’s helped a few others sort out similar issues!
  6. Gedling Colliery – also specific variants like Gedling Pit, Pit Tips or the Mapperley Railway Tunnel, visitors search for these terms are treated to my ramblings around this old colliery site including a trip down the Mapperley Tunnel, or wandering amongst the Lapwings on top of the old slag heap.
  7. English Boodle – my aunty’s acquisition of the awesome labradoodle we know as Digby had me pondering other potential hybrid dog breed names.  Apparently this one is the one that most other people would search for!
  8. Poor Farmer Cartoon – I’m really not sure, but the only thing I could find related to it is this reminsce about a childhood song relating to a farmer and his journey through life.  Weird!
  9. Static on the Airwaves review – people looking for feedback on the most recent Levellers studio album, so hopefully I was able to tempt a few folk into buying it, as it’s bloody brilliant.
  10. Specky Four Eyes – taken from a piece about being a football fan, my favourite goad received from supporters visiting the City Ground is the ‘glasses face’ gesture which is directed at me with hilariously regular frequency!

In some cases I can see where search engine referrals will have really helped people find the information or advice they were looking for, on other occasions they must wonder how the hell they ended up being brought to these pages.

Having said that, right at the beginning I pointed out that there isn’t really a purpose to anything in these pages – it’s a dumping ground for thoughts, reminisces and hints or tips I might have accumulated.  So I suppose I shouldn’t really worry whether or not those reaching these pages have their need sated or otherwise!

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2 thoughts on “Where did you come from?

  1. Arfa Nisar

    Hi alan

    Have just read a thread of yours on protect your bubble. Was just wondering if you could email me helens email adress. The retention manager?

    My email is arfa_nisar@hotmail.co.uk

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi Alan,

    Zeke here, the chap who wrote a similar PYB nightmare post on ironmanmode.com. I still see traffic flitting back and forth between our posts over a year later!

    We exchanged emails last year during the furore, but I’ve misplaced your address. Wanted to ask a quick question and share some odd news, best discussed off site. Could you ping me when you get a sec? My email address is the one in the comment field.


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