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Loyaulte Me Lie..

I’ve harboured a half-fixation with King Richard III for a good many years now.  In my pre-GCSE school days I was still studying history.  He was portrayed as the suitable ghoulish caricature you’d expect (although my vague memories of the time do suggest that Miss Turner did present reasonable doubt with the classical view of that period of history).

That in itself is fascinating enough for a young mind that likes a dark tale of treachery and scandal.

Subsequently through varied and subtle means I came to adopt a more Ricardian outlook on the subject, and whilst of course history of that distance away can only be conjecture I do feel a strong empathy with the interpretation I’ve placed on this notorious historical figure.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s a hero, but as someone who’s been demonstrably vilified at least partially falsely perhaps I just like going for the underdog.

Either way, I do find myself in a position of admiring the construction of this former monarch I’ve constructed in my mind.  An odd position to be in as I’m by no means a monarchist at all – although a monarch (the last one in fact) who took to the battlefield in person to defend his crown is rather a different proposition to those that inhabit the palaces of this green and pleasant land nowadays.

So, Loyaulte Me Lie.  Richard’s motto, in the Anglo-Norman that would’ve been used in the court during Richard’s reign.  It translates to Loyalty Binds Me, and I really like it as a mantra to try to live by.  I like to think I’m a loyal person, I relate to it, both in family or friend terms or of course also in the more base tribal instincts of being a football fan.

In the context of supporting Forest over the last few years then perhaps ‘Loyalty Cripples Me’ might be more appropriate, but I digress, and not in a timely fashion as the Reds have started this season in fine fettle!

To draw this to a close, it was only relatively recently that I realised with a wry smile that I’ve spent more than ten years feeding my mortgage through the analysis the data attached to a retail loyalty scheme.

So Loyalty binds me indeed, and promises to do so for some time!

Meanwhile since the discovery of his remains in a Leicester car park I don’t think poor Richard has yet been laid to rest in a manner befitting his status.

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Tick tock, tick tock..

Bloody hell, July has gone completely!  Of course, quite difficult to follow a blog post as interesting (to me at least) as our Polish adventure – but that’s not to say there’s been reasonably exciting things occurring since then.

Not least  – and top of mind – the return to the football pitch for me after the dreaded drop-foot.  On a fitness level, this has been monumentally horrible – half a year of not playing, and not exactly doing a great job of finding alternative ways of maintaining my fitness, has really taken its’ toll. Fortunately my technique – such as it is – doesn’t seem to have suffered too much after my first couple of ‘bedding in’ games.

I’ve been getting a bit of jip in one of my thigh muscles from kicking the ball hard, but I’ve had that before – a combination of not stretching/warming up properly and my spell out of action have been causing this – but a combination of anti-inflammatories and treatment with heat is seeing this recover faster after each game, which is reassuring.  Tonight is my first outing for Thursday football so far this year, probably my more challenging group.  So fingers crossed!

I’m really hoping Henri Lansbury has kept this summer addition to his head. It’ll almost be like a Ferocious Dog gig at the City Ground!

As well as playing football of course we also have watching it to look forward to.  Forest kick off the season at home against Huddersfield on Saturday and now Forest have deigned not to evict us from our seats I’m looking forward greatly to seeing how Billy Davies starts the season.  We’ve made some shrewd acquisitions and seem likely to add some more – if you read the rumour mills then there are very few players out there who haven’t had some kind of medical or offer from Forest.

Following Forest online lost a lot of lustre for me last season when I literally ‘lost that loving feeling’ and opted to shut down my semi-anonymously written Forest blog, which now sits in mothballs like an old abandoned place.  I must say I haven’t missed what had become a bit of a drudgery, whilst the goings on at Forest are rarely dull – sometimes I wish they just were a bit.  The forums are increasingly like warzones and I barely follow any Reds related users on Twitter aside from folk I actually know.  It’s sad that by and large football fans are so incapable civil communication – even when they support the same team.

On the music front a last minute decision to snag a day ticket for Deerstock in nearby East Bridgford proved a masterstroke – an excellent little event organised by Jed Southgate at the rear of the Reindeer Pub took place, even a fair amount of rain on the Saturday night couldn’t spoil a top day – it was headlined by Ferocious Dog which is always going to float my boat of course, but a nice mix of other talented acts throughout the day kept us very well entertained.  I shall look into probably going to the whole festival next year, as the Friday and Sunday were awesome too from what I’ve read.

Related to Ferocious Dog was the recent Panorama show relating to post-traumatic stress disorder suffered by people coming away from active service in the forces.  Lee Bonsall, son of Ken and brother of Dan in the band, was featured in the show – he tragically took his own life having not received the support he needed from the army.  Alarmingly the programme revealed that this tale is disturbingly common – I would recommend taking a look at the programme, and most definitely signing this petition calling for support for our service personnel.

Ken and the band continue to do sterling work in raising both awareness and money to directly help folk in the same boat that Lee found himself through the Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund.  Families of others who suffered the same fate are similarly taking real positive action to help others – it’s a real inspiration and I’m in awe of how brilliant these people are considering how badly let down their loved ones have been.  They fight on, and I’m proud to support them in whatever small ways that I can – which will definitely include hammering out any fundraising activities via Facebook and Twitter for those of you that have the undoubted joy of me on your social networks.

To finish on a lighter note I’ve become strangely addicted to Rooibos tea.  As part of last year’s ‘Project Fatty’ I basically knocked caffeinated tea on the head at work, opting instead for herbal variants (ostensibly to cut down my dairy intake).  Having run out of such tea a couple of weeks back I started back on my old stash of tea which had an impact on both sleep and digestion patterns (I’ll leave that there!).  I picked up some Rooibos on the recommendation of a workmate and it does the refreshment job without any of the caffeine nasties.

Speaking of ‘Project Fatty’, that half year of inactivity has rendered a sequel to probably be in the offing, I really need to eat a bit more sensibly and get a bit of weight off again…. at least being back on the football pitch 2-3 times a week will help at least arrest the weight gain!  I also need to face up to the elephant-in-the-room that my guitars seem to have become since recovering from ‘Susan’..

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