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Perennial peroneal palsy peskiness prompts prose..

A prognosis of sorts – having seen a neurologist who diagnosed me with common peroneal palsy – damage to the nerve that controls dorsiflexing my right foot, she referred me for nerve conduction studies to try to pinpoint where this was occurring – as that nerve runs for the 4th/5th vertebrae and right down your leg.

Knee always seemed likely – it’s a spot where the nerve loops around the fibula, and an acknowledged weak spot should it take a blow or be subject to poor posture (I do have poor posture, and prone to bashes on the knee thanks to the frequency of football playing I engage in.

That’s pretty much what the consultant who has been reviewing my test results has concluded – so six weeks after it started, with no real improvement in symptoms, I now know there’s damage to the nerve covering (rather than the nerve itself – good news) around my right knee, and that it should get better through nothing other than patience, which so far I’ve found I have in short supply.

All in all though it’s good news – frustrating that nobody seems able to put a timescale on it improving, I left it with my doctor that I’d call him in six weeks if there was no signs of improvement.  It had better not be six more weeks before I see any kind of recovery, otherwise I’ll go a bit bonkers!  I might have to start to think about alternatives to playing football which I’ve not been able to do for weeks though.

Tom made me laugh at work the other day when we were talking about this, I forget the exact turn of phrase he used but it was something like “Tell you what Al, you never go in for normal things going wrong with you, do you?” – I think he was mindful of my occasional bouts of Labyrinthitis which is, of course, a spectacularly ironic ailment for someone as obsessed with the Jim Henson movie of similar name as me!

Ho hum.

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Stuff an ting..

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 23.29.24Drop foot – no change. Hella annoying.  I’ve had an electro-conductive study that I’m awaiting the results of, hopefully it will offer some kind of indication as to the cause.  Something to chase up with the doctor later in the week.  Deep joy.  No football for over six weeks now, I’ll be turning back into a fatty in no time!  It’s really rather disheartening – but all I can do is try to put up with it as best as I can hope for resolution.

Guitar – making some progress, of course learning via RockSmith is limited to teaching you by rote rather than by theory, although I’ve been learning a few bits and pieces away from the game too.  I’m starting to face into the need to start working on mastering the art of chords / power-chords which will necessitate me working my fretting hand a bit more to be able to reach / sustain those positions.  I’m really enjoying it still, though!

Music – there’s been plenty of Ferocious Dogging – with a trip to Chesterfield (see picture) for a beer festival where moshing was banned (yeah right!).  Next up is my birthday gig in the Rescue Rooms, then hilariously Chris, Andy and I (and possibly Phil and Oscar) are seriously considering heading to Llandewi Brefi to see ’em (if you’ve not twigged, it’s where Daffyd ‘The Only Gay in the Village’ in Little Britain is from.

Online – I’ve shed a couple of my online distractions ostensibly due to disillusionment with their subject matter.  In truth, I’ve not really missed either of them, so I’m appreciating the lack of the drag-factor that had come with keeping things updated.  That’s a bit cryptic isn’t it?  Well, I was committing time to something out of habit/duty – turns out belatedly that whatever satisfaction I derived from them wasn’t sufficient to compensate for their overall hassle factor.

Travelling – I’m off to Krakow in a week and a bit for Elmo’s stag do – this is rather exciting.  I’m looking forward to it, and must get around to ordering some currency.  Travellers are advised to use dollars there but that seems boring, so I’ll probably get me some Zloty instead I think!  Now to find somewhere with a reasonable exchange rate!  In March we’re off to Norfolk too, which should be nice too – albeit a rather more relaxing proposition.

Photo every day – amazingly I’ve remembered to take one every day so far this year!  Whether I maintain that remarkable record (hmm, okay – so I remembered 49 days – it’s not really that impressive is it?!).   Should you wish to explore my 2013 so far via the medium of pictures and you’ve not been watching my mundane Facebook timeline, then you can see them by clicking on this link right here.

Busy old times.. of no real consequence.  Then again, what really is of consequence?  We are all but specks upon a speck that is itself merely a speck upon the universe.  Deep, huh?

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We’ve got our Billeh back..

“Did youse say something, Mark Arthur? I cannae hear ya!”

I must admit, I was dead opposed to Billy Davies the first time round, and ended up on the terraces merrily cheering him and singing his name.  The recent goings on at Forest have left me not exactly bereft of caring, but somewhat detached, so it’s a sense of ambivalence from me that greets his re-arrival at the City Ground, but definitely one of interest.

He is a considerable improvement on the disastrous Alex McLeish, and will undoubtedly provoke an impassioned response from the crowd, a significant proportion of whom never quite managed to get over his removal in the first place (it’s undeniable that those that followed him were unmitigated disasters – so I guess it’s easy to point to a shit manager, and then complain that his predecessor was better irrespective of the non-existent relationship between board and manager).

But there’s a clean slate now – having sacked Sean O’Driscoll in a move for me personally that was more unfathomable than anything that went before, axe-man Fawaz took his metaphorical chopper (or a pen and paper – the pen is mightier than the sword, after all) to the board room and removed Mark Arthur and Keith Burt, both of whom would have been members of the dreaded Transfer Acquisition Panel.  If you were to believe what you read, the arch-nemesis of Billy Davies fulfilling his potential at the club.

By the time McLeish had walked I decided that I’d quite like Billy Davies to come back.  Not because I’m part of the fanbase who have elevated him to messiah-like status, but because he probably is the best short-term (and, to be fair to him, potentially long term) fix for us, but because the pantomime at Forest could explode in hitherto unseen ways should the combustible manager and the combustible chairman not work well together.

This season is pretty much a write-off regardless, it would take a monumentally appalling run to see us end up at risk of relegation, whilst the gap to the hallowed promotion places looks similarly insurmountable by anything other than an exceptional run of good results, the only option for signings is loans so nothing long term can occur in the transfer market – so I’m very much of a mind to sit back and watch what happens with mounting interest.

It’s a worry to me that the powers-that-be at Forest seem to take so readily to the likes of Twitter or possibly forums to gather their insight into what supporters may want – notwithstanding the demographic bias to either channel of communication, both mediums are rife with contradiction, fickleness, reactionary types and let’s not forget wind-up merchants – it’s a heady brew of confusion, that can only be made more open to misinterpretation if viewed in a second language.

Sensible the Wee Yin is dodging the bullet of taking on Sean O’Driscoll’s new charges this weekend, leaving Rob Kelly to look after the team on a caretaker basis until presumably he gets the bullet next week when Billy and his backroom team recommence their ‘unfinished business’ at the City Ground, hopefully the profligate bullets flying about manage to avoid John Pemberton and the good work he’s doing at the Academy.

How seriously or not he takes feedback from the Twitter hordes aside though, it’s clear to me as a fan these days that what Fawaz says goes – and either you get on board his train-set and follow the track he’s laid out for us, or you get off at the next stop and leave him to it.  Given that I’m pre-paid up for the remainder of the season the only sensible course of action is the strap in and attempt as best as I can to enjoy the ride.

Certainly Mr Al Hasawi has been on a steep learning curve – the position he has manoeuvred himself into has probably left him with limited options at this juncture.  If nothing else he’s enabled some rousing of the rabble which should see the atmosphere at the City Ground for the visit of Bolton, when Billy re-takes the helm for the first time, enhanced – and a chance for him to reflect and evaluate in the summer (which is probably what I’ll be doing too).

That’s of course if he and Billy can manage to get along until the summer… but for now it’s beyond doubt that Billy Davies is a Red, and that he hates Derby.

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