Wiggle your big toe…


I don’t often cast myself as Uma Thurman, but a couple of weeks ago as I sat on our settee compelling my foot to move upwards in the aftermath of having drop-foot and it twitched a bit, it evoked that scene in Kill Bill where ‘The Bride’, lying in the back of a pick-up truck, strains to shake her limbs from entropy.

As her toes begin to twitch on the screen, she smiles and states that the hard part’s over – now let’s get those other little piggies wiggling.

Since that moment I’ve probably regained about a third of the movement I’d lost – it’s most apparent when I’m not working against gravity, so being a reclined kind of person means I have plenty of opportunity to sit flexing my foot up and down as far as I can whilst watching TV or otherwise relaxing.  If I’m standing or sitting with my feet on the floor it’s more of a twitch than an actual movement.

Still, it’s positive to see actual signs of recovery – it’s been getting on for four months since it initially happened – obviously in the interim period I’ve also had the medical diversion of ‘Susan’ to distract me from this longer term problem.  So there’s light at the end of the tunnel, I’m just not quite sure how far it is to walk to get there – but I’m certainly looking forward to the prospect of getting back on the football pitch again.

I probably won’t do so sporting a yellow jumpsuit whilst toting a Hattori Hanzo katana though – although I do have a katana at home!

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