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Whacha gonna do? And other Hogan Slogans..

I’ve long since stopped worrying too heartily about ‘project fatty’ too much – but I have maintained the routine of tracking what I eat using MyFitnessPal.  It’s quite good for generally ill-disciplined minds such as mine I’ve found.

Just on a whim I stepped on the scales for the first time in weeks to realise I’d hit the four stone lost landmark since I started.  I’m now hovering at around the weight I think I ought to be.  I’m wearing trousers I could’ve worn when I was seventeen, and they’re a bit on the loose side if anything.  Freaky when you think about it.

Now attentions turn to Movember.  In truth, I wasn’t too fussed about doing it this year but have caved in to peer pressure.  Having done two ‘conventional’ Movembers before last year I did the ‘grow a moustache that has curlable ends’ challenge, and succeeded.  This year I’ve also given myself a head start too.

To make it more interesting this year if I manage to get my sponsorship up to £200 then I’ll bleach what will be a handsome horse-shoe shaped moustache to give me the Hulk Hogan look.  I agreed to this before I realised said wrestler was subject of a sex-tape scandal at the moment.  Dear me.  So despite my ambivalence about hitting this particular target, I suppose I am duty bound to share the link to my Movember profile regardless.

There’s still a way to go yet, so I feel reasonably comfortable.  Should you wish to reduce my levels of comfort then my page is here:

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And the devil sends the hell hounds for me..

I know I mention Ferocious Dog quite a lot, but watch the video below, then go and check out their tour dates – and go and see them.  It’s awesome that Nottingham has an artist at the top of the album charts this week, but there’s more to local music than just Jake Bugg – we should embrace it, support it and propel our talented musicians into the prominence they deserve.

Also recommended is their debut album and forthcoming EP – because they’re as good recorded as they are live (but you can’t quite beat them live, in my opinion!).  Get yourself some awesome local music now from this link!

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Karma police..

November tends to be the month of charitable overload – Movember, a charity I’m quite fond of as I’m not a fan of shaving, and Children in Need, something I’ve adopted since working for Boots.  It’s also typically when the Levellers do a UK tour.

I excitedly booked a ticket and hotel room in Lincoln for the 16th November months ago giving little thought to it, only to find it was the day that Children in Need will fall.  Whilst it might seem like a strange move I’ve managed to sell the ticket and hotel booking (for face value too) so that I can take part in both the charity shenanigans during the day in the office, and in the evening take phone calls.

Big thanks are owed to my friend Lynn who knew somebody who hadn’t firmed up their plans but planned on attending – indeed, through this move they saved a bit of cash too, so everyone really was a winner!  Perhaps there really are karma police watching over us!

This is not me setting myself up as being some sort of social martyr though – as well as obviously raising money for the charity through fundraising and taking people’s pledges via the telephone, it’s a great deal of fun as well – and this year will mark my tenth consecutive year of supporting the charity – something I really didn’t want to miss out on.

As well as the fun factor, it’s a really nice annual reminder of how wonderfully generous, kind and caring the people of the UK are as a whole.  The modern world, particularly in tough economic times, gives us too many reminders of people being shits to one another, so I take a great deal of healing from speaking to hundreds of people at their very best – donating money to a fantastic cause.  Nearly always apologising that they can’t pledge more, bless them.

So I am sad to not be having my trip to Lincoln to see the Levs and catch up with friends also going to that gig – but I can, of course, take solace in the fact that I’ve only lost out on a booking fee and postage to send the ticket on, and of course I will be seeing the Levellers the week after in my home town anyway, so it’s really not the end of the world…

Should you wish to support Children in Need then give the hotline a call on the night, you’ll have around a 1/3000 ish (I think) chance of getting through to me!  Should you want to help fund my magnificent Movember growth then you can do so here!

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In the land that calls my name, can’t you see we’re all to blame?

It’s testament to what went before that watching Forest limp to a disappointing defeat to Derby on our own ground couldn’t really do anything other than put an unsavoury finish to an awesome weekend.

I plan on keeping this brief, this was my Friday night:

And this was my Saturday night:

So Sunday’s disappointment and a slightly underwhelming impulse trip to the Speedwell Cavern near Castleton can be merrily consigned to the memory dustbin leaving a weekend replete with musical splendidness courtesy of The Levellers and Ferocious Dog.

I’ve even managed to add Oscar and Rich to the ranks of fans of Ferocious Dog along with Chris – so we’re already availed ourselves of tickets for their next gig in Southwell in a few weeks!

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