alan.jpgThis is my website, that’s me over there, look. My name’s Alan Fisher.  Professionally I crunch numbers for an energy company based in the Midlands.

That said, I’d prefer not to be defined by my career.  You know that awful dinner party question “So, what do you do?” – hmm, well, “Erm, well, I’m a customer data analyst..” is a real conversation killer in the most part.  I’d like to think there’s more to me than that!

So you won’t find any SAS or SQL hints and tips on here, just random thoughts, observations, updates – or, more frequently, weeks elapsing whilst I don’t bother updating.  Disappointingly I’ve had some kind of internet presence since, hmm, well, probably since the late nineties – alas I never was any good at keeping backups or sticking to single systems – so this site doesn’t stretch back that far.

There are, of course, ways and means of accessing caches of ye olde internet websites which I shan’t detail here.  Having done so, I’m not too sorry that I wasn’t exactly fastidious about retaining a full archive of the keyboard diarrhoea I’ve unleashed onto the Internet for the last couple of decades…. and, if you could read it, you probably wouldn’t be either!

Here you’ll find random inane thoughts and babblings, probably occasional covering of my urge to explore, and footage and or reflections on music – along with occasional forays into techie things I might’ve got to grips with.  On rare occasions you might even find some of it either interesting or even useful!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. hello from another site in notts…

  2. Hands off my granny big chap or you’ll get a knock on the door

  3. Frode

    You used to have some nice geeklog themes before. Still got them laying around somewhere?

    • Hi Frode,

      I’m afraid I don’t have any of them – lost my backup drive from that era a looooong time ago. That said, when I released them they were generally hosted all over the place so they might still be out there somewhere.

      Whether or not they work with the latest version of Geeklog or not is highly doubtful!!

      Cheers, Alan

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