Protect your Bubble, toil and trouble!

So it’s been almost a week since I broke my phone.  Anyone who knows me will undoubtedly have observed how frequently I use it, so it’s frustrating.  Of course, it is still usable despite the broken screen, but it’s not ideal.

Having immediately got in touch with Protect your Bubble – my insurance provider of choice (because they’re considerably cheaper than insuring with O2, which I’ve done in the past), they quite reasonably asked me to send them a claim form and proof of purchase of my device to them.  I did this – I printed them out, filled in and signed and emailed it to them as per their instructions.

This was five days ago.  I’ve had a busy time and wanted to give them a chance to send the envelope for me to return my phone.  Having returned home from an overnight business trip to no envelope I chased them up by telephone.  It transpired that they were awaiting confirmation of payment details for the excess (which I had included on the claim form!!), so they will now authorise the claim and despatch the means for me to send my phone to them.

Which means I’ll probably get the chance to get the phone despatched on Friday.  They’ll get it on Monday or Tuesday, they will assess it for repairability (I suspect it needs replacing, but who knows?), and either repair it (3-5 days claimed for this) before sending it on (1-3 days delivery time) or potentially might immediately decide on a replacement in which case it could shave the repair time off.

Either way, I’m looking at having a defective phone for the best part of 2-3 weeks (and had I dropped it a little harder it could’ve been a completely dead phone!) which is pretty disappointing.  When I had a similar experience with O2 insurance with my old iPhone 3G I called them, they sent a courier with a new one the next day – he took away my old phone, and it was sorted.

Seems you do get what you pay for – although of course, whether or not that brilliant level of service is worth almost a tenner a month extra when it’s (hopefully) unlikely you’ll need it is ultimately the crux of the debate!  Ho hum.  I shall continue to monitor my experiences.

So far I have been rather disappointed, but perhaps shouldn’t be surprised given the price.  But it ain’t quite what is implied in their TV advertising, that’s for sure.

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90 thoughts on “Protect your Bubble, toil and trouble!

  1. Helen

    Dear Alan,

    My name’s Helen and I am the Customer Retention Manager for

    I was sorry to hear about your experience and concerns and I would really like to try and help.

    Is there a way I can contact you privately?

    With best wishes,


    • Katie Slattery

      Hi Helen

      Please can you help me out with my case I am trying to arrange teh 3 way conversation.

      My addy is

    • Jason

      My claim for a replacement handset took 7 days. Not 48hrs.. on top of the 30+ calls to PYB, plus the shirty responses and fob offs from staff on the phone… The tracking policy on the replacement senders website which does not work, or the fact that I shelled out £160 for a policy which takes 3 weeks to get a new phone after a loss claim… Please Katie Slattery, do get in contact with me, because at current I am in contact with the insurance Ombudsman, and im sure you and the rest of pyb would like to get my case sorted before my solicitor gets onto the case.

    • Mark Deamer

      Having been a customer of Protect Your Bubble for two years, we were broken into whilst on holiday in Spain. We followed procedures to the letter, spent two hours in the local police station obtaining a report.
      Spent a fortune on the phone calling Protect Your Bubble to report the theft.
      The patio doors to our villa were lifted by the robbers to gain access to the property. Protect Your Bubble would not pay out as there was no visible sign of a break in.
      From researching on the internet it appears they will use every trick they can to wriggle out of paying a claim.
      My advice, go else where!

      Read more:

    • Angela

      Hi Helen,

      I’ve had such a terrible experience with protect your bubble claims, I had my phone stolen in the middle of a crowded starbucks and I’ve gone through all the precautions, calling the police, service provider, icloud etc and wanted to make a claim as the website promises 48hr turnaround for replacing stolen iphones. I called up your service department and they told me all the advertising is a lie and it will take minimum 2 weeks and could even be much longer. I can’t believe this, is it true or is this false advertising?
      Please help me.

    • alan lyon

      Can someone please email me Helens phone number please to save me writing to BBC’s Watchdog thanks

    • rita grantham

      Hi helen, i am currently experiencing some awful problems with my claim regarding loss of my samsung s3, could you please get in contact with me if you wouldnt mind helping?
      email address is
      many thanks
      rita grantham

    • I too have a problem with PYB trying to turn down a genuine claim. I lost my phone at my place of work in November 2012. I called PYB to formally register the claim, knowing that I would need to get additional paperwork. I was told that my claim would probably be declined, as I had left the phone unattended. I believe that I left the phone in one of the toilet blocks, which apparently counts as deliberately leaving it unattended! I sent through the formal complain in January (as it took that long to get the correct documentation out of T-Mobile). I got the E-mail confirmation, but nothing else. When I rang Customer Service to check on my claim, they informed me that it had already been declined and I should have received a confirmation letter. Needless to say…..I didn’t. I would like to resolve this through the normal channels, rather than with the extremely unhelpful Customer Service representatives. I have requested Small Claims Court papers, which I will be processing this week, if someone at PYB does not contact me to say that you have seen the error of your ways.


    • Arfa Nisar


      This post is really old but was wondering if anyone could send me a conyact email for a manager at PYB? im having so much dificulty making a claim!!.

      My email is


    • sam

      Hi Helen

      I have an issue with protect your bubble, can you help?

    • Protect your bubble is an absolute joke of a company!!
      would not advise anybody to go with them!!
      Took 9 days to repair my phone then when i did finally receive the phone that was supposed to be fixed, it was still broken so god knows what there lazy repair team done to my phone the company is a joke if you ask me !! They made me pay my whole year up front and haven’t helped at all !!!!

  2. The conclusion of my Protect Your Bubble experience is documented here, in case a search for the company brought you here…

  3. Hi Alan

    I’m having a similar issue with PYB. They’re such a terrible company. I’ve made a formal complaint to them and logged it with the FSA as well – any advice on what else I can do? It’s like they’re just ignoring me, hoping I’ll go away. They refuse to speak about my case on the phone and their emails just have automated responses!

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  4. Hi, just an update to say, thanks so much for emailing me with Helen’s contact details. She has been brililant. Since I emailed her yesterday afternoon she’s bent over backwards to sort this out. She’s had my claim approved, a phone sent out to me, the charges on my phone bill from after it was stolen refunded, the excess fee waived and sent me vouchers as an apology. If only everyone else at protect your bubble was as helpful, efficient, proactive and polite as her! I genuinely believe though that had you not sent me her email address, I would still be pulling my hair out, talking into a black hole today. Obviously the phone’s not turned up yet (it was only posted today), but I think once that arrives, I’m hopeful I can just draw a line under the whole thing and move on. But what a palaver. They really need to employ more people like Helen and fewer people like their claims handlers!

    • I’m jealous now! I never got any vouchers and had to pay my excess!

      I am glad you’re all sorted out, though 🙂

      • Kim Davidson, Worcestershire

        Alan any chance you could send me Helen’s details as well? I’m having the same issue – sent all my documents but nothing back.

        ANy help much appreciated,

        Best wishes,


      • Luke Smith

        Hi Alan,

        I know this post was some time ago but if possible could you email me Helen’s email address from PYB please. Would really appreciate it 🙂 My email address is

      • jacquie

        Hi Alan, having real problems withPYB, sent it for repair for liquid damage, they repaired it but when returned the screen didnt work, sent it back when they recieved it they said it was damaged and I had done it!!!!! and they want to charge me a further £25 to do it, it left me in perfect condition I have requested they show me the packaging that it arrived in but so far have a feeling that the package will be in tact and will have to go further with the company, please could you let me have Helens email and tel no if you have it, many thanks Jaccquie

      • Mark

        Can everyone that has problems with PYB write to watchdog….this company is really taking the piss…

      • Tina Fowler

        I put a comment on their facebook page recently after being turned down by PYB saying my insurance was invalid as my phone was replaced under warranty by Apple, and within 5 days they have sent me a cheque for a new phone, Happy days.:) Shame about all the trouble I had to get it but I spoke to a really nice guy called Ash and now its all sorted. Not sure I’d feel comfortable using them again though.

  5. Harriet

    Hello I’m also having a similar problem with protect your bubble! My iPhone has been stolen and not one of the company seems interesting in helping me with my claim! Please could I also have Helen’s details. Thank you.

    • Hi Harriet,

      Did you leave your real email address in the email field? (It might well be, I just wanted to make sure) as I can email the details through to you, but don’t want to publish an individuals contact details online.



      • Harriet

        Hi, yes I did! It looks like a bit of a dodgy email address because I once got hacked. Thank you very much.

  6. Qasim

    Hi Alan

    I’m having a similar issue with PYB. They’re such a terrible company. Any advice on I can do? It’s like they’re just ignoring me, hoping I’ll go away. They want to do a three way call but I cant because I work during they working hours. They`ve stopped calling me and every time I call them they give me the same response

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  7. Hi Alan,

    I am in the same position as Qasim, I had my phone stolen and every time i have spoken to PYB it is me that has to initiate the call, and nobody can seem to tell me why I havn’t been contacted. It has been 3 weeks now and they tell me the claim has gone through ok, but I never recieve the 3 way call. Is it possible you could send me the details for this amazing Helen? So I can put this terrible experience behind me.


  8. Hey,

    Thanks for the details, all sorted now, it did take another 2 weeks but Helen was really helpful.


  9. Sam Humphreys

    Hi Alan,

    I am having a huge amount of difficulty with PYB – i sent my phone in for water damage and it has been sent back in a much worse condition (software corrupt- non usable). This has been reported to their underwriters – but so far no movement. The case has been on going for over a month now – that is a month without my phone. It seems totally unacceptable – especially after having paid the excess and premium in full. Could i please, please, please have Helen’s details – so she may try to assist in my claim.

    Many thanks

    Sam (a very annoyed PYB customer)

    • sam

      Hi there, i am having a similar problem. what was the outcome, is it worth pursuing?

  10. Thomas

    Hi there,

    Would any of you will be able to tell me whether the envelope that they send is prepaid?I asked my girlfrien to send it for me but she didn’t check that ,she just put the phone into the envelope with the form and put it into a letter box in town!

    • Hi Thomas,

      I can’t be sure as it was a while ago but I’m 99% sure it was a prepaid envelope.

      Kind regards,


  11. Faseeh

    They are such a disappointment. I should have done my research before signing up with them. I made my claim almost a month ago, despite sending dozens of emails, reminders, complaints no one got back to me. Every time I call to their claim department I am put on hold for hours. I literary was put on hold for an hour.

    I dont know how to go about it, please share if anyone has found a better way to approach them and get the case handled.



  12. would be great if anyone can post Halen’s details to me, please. She might be able to help me sort my claim out. Its been a nightmare.

    I am a photojournalist and I cant do anything without my laptop, the only reason to have an insurance is not having to spend another 1500 pound on laoptop.

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  14. Simon Bradford

    Hi. Could I get Helen’s details please?

    • Thomas

      Noone looks @ this web anymore I think.
      JUst to let you know personally I had no problems,got the phone repaired within a week 🙂

      • Not true – I’ve replied by email to every request on this thread 🙂

        Obviously I’m not going to publish sombody’s email address on the net.

      • Thomas

        I only just noticed you did reply to mine,apologies 🙂

      • No worries – glad you’re getting your claim sorted!

  15. Jay

    Protect your bubble are dealing with a claim of mine at current… It says on the website if it gets lost a replacement within 48 hrs of “processsing the claim”… That was over a week and a half ago.. And now they want to do a three way call.. They are absolutely pathetic. IF after alll that.. and me having contacted them a million times for a million minutes on an 0844 no. Now i have to wait in on my day off for some scroat to phone me on someone elses phone. I am not impressed with the service whatsoevr, and THEN to top everything off they never disclose that you have to pay your years policy off alongside a hefty excess, oh and if it gets lost stick another £25 on top of that. Poor poor poor. As soon as this policy pays up I am going elsewhere because they are being ridiculous!


      I’m inclined to agree with you about going elsewhere. I was quoted the same for a smashed screen so with the rest of the premiums to pay, cost was £97, for £130 apple replaced it.

  16. Christian

    Hi Alan
    I stumbled upon your blog after searching for help with my PYB claim. Long story short, they’ve continually broke their promises and 1 month after sending my claim form they still haven’t sent my jiffy bag for the phone repair.
    Do you still have Helens contact details so I can try and get this sorted?
    Thanks for your hell

    • Hi Christian,

      I do, and I’ll email you now, although I think Helen – bless her – might well be working in a different department now, so may or may not be able to help.

      Kind regards,


    • Christian

      Sorry for the typo, I meant *help* not hell :p

  17. Beth


    After reading many awful reviews, i am extremely worried about whether my calim for my lost iphone 4s is going to go through. I’ve received an email from PYB today, a week after i send the documents to them for the claim. They’re trying to set up a conference call with my network provided. Does anyone know what this involves? I really don’t want to give PYB any sort of reason to reject my claim at this point.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Beth,

      I didn’t have the conference call experience, but others have mentioned it – I’m not really sure of the logic of this, but the best plan is to follow the directions they give you at this stage and make sure you are available for the call.

      Sorry I can’t be much more help than that!


  18. Beth

    No problem, thanks very much for your reply. I’ve just read so many horrendous reviews, it’s left me very scared! Hoping that the people who’ve had a positive experience just haven’t bothered to leave a review…..

    • It’s possible! Negative experiences do generally make people more likely to vent their spleen than positive ones!

      I would advise following their guidance with an open mind, and if you don’t get any joy give me a shout and I’ll pass on contact details to hopefully escalate things for you 🙂

  19. Lorna

    Hi there alan,

    I;m glad you got yours sorted. I’m having an awful time with them, took 2 weeks to arrange the 3 way call, was told all was good and that i would be contacted for payment of my excess within 48 hrs, no call. I kept chasing and yesterday they finally took the payment and told me my new iphone would be with me in 24hrs, i was so happy, then when I asked to change the delivery address ‘Kelvin’ noticed that in fact my claim had been declined!!

    I had been robbed at knifepoint in Vegas, in broad daylight, was a horrific experience, so following the incident I spent almost 4 hrs with the police, then slept briefly before asking the hotel if I could make calls. They informed me that they could not authorise me to make international calls, but i could use a computer. I emailed my dad and he contacted all relevant parties. So 8 hrs time difference + 4 hrs with police. According to their policy you must contact the provider within 12 hrs – not taking into account time difference. I was not claiming the unauthorised calls made just the phone!!

    I feel that they have been very unhelpful, awful to get hold of, and won’t help me, robbed in Vegas and now robbed by them! What if I had been hurt and in hospital – would they still make me keep to the ’12 hour rule’?

    Any help or ideas?

    Lorna x

    • Oh my gosh, Lorna – that sounds awful!

      I’ll drop you an email…

      • Imran Hussain

        Hey alan,ive been waiting 4 weeks and the 3 way conference is taking forever! , could you please guide me to who i may need to get hold of from PYB, i heard theres a helpfull lady (Helen) who can help out. Could you provide email address to me please.

  20. lauren

    Hi All, I too am being constantly lied to and fobbed off with the ’48 hours time’ gimmick. I have been waiting for this so called ‘3 way call’ for over a week and have only been contacted once to be advised that due to my change of address my claim may be affected. I have sent an official complaint via email as their website describes and received absolutely no response. Please can anyone tell me how and who I need to escalate this too?

    Thanks, Lauren

  21. Lauren

    Thanks Alan. After the usual fob off’s and being ignored I contacted the person who you’d provided me an email address for and the very next day I received my three way call! The day after I received a call advising my claim was accepted and I paid my excess (and the rest of the year’s direct debit, probably so I couldn’t cancel after my terrible experience). I am now waiting for the handset which SHOULD be here tomorrow or Saturday but I’m watching VERY closely and I wil;l only relax once I have this in my hand, working.

    I too believe that I would still be nagging customer services and the complaints department if it wasn’t for escalating my detailed goose chase higher up the chain. I am shocked as to how such a large profitable company can get away with treating every customer this way. It really is a case of whoever shouts the loudest.

  22. Toby Macdonnell

    I to have had a horrendous experience with Protect Your Bubble, and will most certainly not be using them again. As with many of you above I sent my claim forms, even had my 3 way phone conversation! Yet they are are still causing me problems and fobbing me off with requests for pointless information! I am now nearly 2 months without my phone!

    It would be most appreciated Alan, if you could forward me Helens contact details also, as my patience has reached its limit!

  23. Adam Trice

    Hi Alan, I appreciate this post is fairly old now but would you be able to send me Helen’s email address? I have had a terrible experience with Protect Your Bubble with them declining my claim for my phone that was stolen whilst on holiday. I am hoping she may be able to help. Thanks, Adam.

  24. nicola Dickson

    Hi, I would like her contact details too if at all possible. I had my claim honoured by PYB really quickly and the phone was repaired ( cracked screen). However a month later the phone turned itself off and woudlnt come back on. Sent to 02 and they have confirmed that PYB have put FAKE parts on the inside on the phone which have caused a full malfunction and now 02 say it’s irreparable 😦 I am very disappointed

  25. Jen

    Same problem, a month and still no phone, I’d rather have paid to replace the phone myself than use these jokers.

    • Mark

      Protect Your Bubble…What a joke!
      Having been a customers for over two years. I was robbed on holiday. Completed everything as per their instructions, police reports etc…
      They would not pay out when I got back to the UK.
      Protect Your Bubble, Burst My Bubble. Avoid. They are just as bad as the robbers!

  26. Alison

    Hi Alan,

    Can you give me Helen’s details too, please? Having a nightmare getting the three way call set up.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Tina Fowler

      I put a comment on their facebook page recently and within 5 days they have sent me a cheque for a new phone, Happy days.:) Shame about all the trouble I had to get it but I spoke to a really nice guy called Ash and now its all sorted

  27. Hannah furnival


    I am also having problems with my protect your bubble claim.

    Please could you give me Helen’s details?

    Thanks a lot,


  28. Alison

    Just an update – I’m the Alison from above – it took two full weeks to get it sorted and that was me on top of them every day, ringing twice daily! Their “we’ll be in touch in 24-48 hours” is utter…. ahem. I wonder how long it would have taken if I hadn’t logged a complaint and chased the claim all the time? Helen was away when I wrote so I dealt with a girl called Lorena in the complaints dept. I paid the excess to get the phone ASAP but am hoping to get that refunded, probably not even worth a shot.

    Anyway, once the claim was FINALLY approved, phone arrived quickly and in working order. Just shocked at lack of customer service, they’re certainly skilled in the art of fobbing off.


    • What a palaver! I’m glad you at least have your phone sorted!

      • Jasmine

        Hey Alan is there anychance i can have helen’s details too, my phone was stolen back in june and have had no help at all…..Im in desperate need of her help 🙂 thank you email me please

  29. Hannah furnival

    An update on my PYB fiasco….once my phone finally arrived after I had waited for 2 weeks, it was faulty and did not work. I know have to send it back to them so that they can hopefully send me a phone which actually works. This means another week of waiting! Worst insurance company ever!!!

  30. Tina Fowler

    I have had the worst experience ever with PYB the staff are unhelpful and abrupt apart from taking ages to get through. I damaged my phone coming out of hospital after an operation. I thought that’s ok I have it covered so no need to worry. It is now 3 weeks after and endless phone calls to PYB they made me get POP from Orange, fair enough I thought,I then rung them back and was told that because my phone was replaced under warranty I would need a document from Apple, I drove a long way to the shop to get this and even had a manager on from the genius bar speaking to PYB who told them my phone was replaced under warranty by them and that it would not have been a refurbished phone as they do not do them. PYB still insist that the phone was refurbished and so is not insurable. I am now a cancer patient without a phone which is my main point of contact. I will never use them again and would not recommend them to anyone.

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  32. matt

    Hi could someone please email me Helens email address or telephone number.

  33. lara

    Could someone please message me Helen’s email address too – having real issues 😦



  34. Mark

    It really does make me laugh reading all these comments, everyone asking for Helens email address or telephone number. May be Helen should work in Customer services for
    She was of no use to me.
    I wasted two years of premiums with and when I needed to claim for my iPhone and my iPad being stolen by burglers during a break in whilst I was asleep, they rejected the claim. I had to pursue my house hold insurance when I got back off holiday. I was very lucky that the Co-Operative were not crooks like and paid out fully for everything.

    Rather than contacting Helen, get intouch with Anne Robinson, BBC1’s watchdog. This company, really needs to be investigated. Its a con, simple.

  35. Craig lyon ,Aberdeen

    Mark i think your right , i will see where i get by contacting BBC’s Watchdog program ,or else the Sun newspaper this company is definitly taking the piss .

  36. Ashleigh Stewart

    Hi, could someone give me Helen’s e-mail address please? My e-mail is


  37. Grant

    What a rip off. These guys are crooks! Shame coming up to Xmas so many other people will fall for it!

  38. Mark brown

    Well I spilled a cup of tea over my brand new macbook pro two weeks ago. It was only 8 weeks old !

    It appears that Protect your Bubble send our gadgets to repair companies who are not manufacturer approved (in my case Apple Approved) which means that any repairs will VOID your Warranty !!

    In my case they have now contacted me to advise that the laptop cannot be repaired and they will send me out a RECONDITIONED MODEL (in the words of Protect “one which has had a problem which has now been repaired”). Protect will give me a three month warranty but Apple have informed me that a replacement model which has been “tampered with/repaired” by a non authorised repairer will mean that my £200 AppleCare warranty is worthless.

    I did not expect New for Old but I did expect that my insurance would cover me to put me precisely back in the same position as before with a three month old Macbook covered by the same warranty !

    Instead I will probably end up with a scratched model and be told to accept what I am given !

    Protect have lacked any communication in this claim and only been interested in ensuring that the excess and policy balance is paid

    I feel like I have dealt with crooks !!!

  39. stephanie whyms


    I am in the process of making a claim on my iphone, which is not going well, could you please send me Helen’s details?



  40. Alan W

    I too am having big problems with PYB. I took out insurance with them for my daughter’s I Phone 5 which she lost on the way home from a friend’s house. She was using it immediately before she left, but they have declined the claim on the basis that it was left unattended at a time before it became lost. They put words into my daughter’s mouth in a very subtle way to get the result they wanted – no payout. I have cancelled my policy immediately as I can’t see how they will ever honour a “lost” claim as if it left unattended or lost due to your carelessness the claim is not valid apparently. When I pushed 4 different members of staff for a scenario where a “lost” claim would be honoured, they just said by not breaking any of the T & C’s. They are so restrictive, it is really not worth taking up any policy with them.

  41. Josh Turner

    It appears Im only the latest to have issues with PYB.

    I broke my iphone 4s months ago, with a claim straight in, 2 months later I still haven’t got far, ive paid my excess, ive paid the rest of the year cover – however PYB are claiming the iphone i send them is DIFFERENT to the one im claiming on, apple are insisting this is not true as all my records and information sent to PYB are consistent with apple and my own records – apple are claiming that they have mixed up the phones!! PYB are getting increasingly protective when I suggest this, however it is the only clear possibility. They are treating my like a thief claiming im trying to repair a phone I don’t own / haven’t covered.

    They wont let me speak to these engineers who have my phone, does anyone know anything I can do? Ive since brought an iphone 5 and am just waiting for this phone fixed so I can sell it (the longer it takes the lower the price I can get) – can networks prove the IEMI number of the phone I was using for calls since my purchase up until I sent it to them for repair (ie proving that the error must be on there end) – more importantly people don’t just send wrong phones, iphones are very personal phones and its not possible to mix them up with other peoples!

    any help would be very helpful if not its going to be escalated as a more serious claim to another company.

  42. Mayur Mistry

    My iphone 4S power button has stopped working and I have only just put in a claim and have sent receipts showing proof of purchase. After reading this incredibly long thread I feel I will be in the same position as everyone else meaning this will not get sort in an acceptable time frame. It seems like Helen is the person to get in contact with to get this resolved as quickly as possible. Could someone kindly pass on her details.

    Thank you in advance.

  43. Rich Jones

    Hi Alan, I know that this was quite a while ago but it looks like you got some good results after talking to the right people; My girlfriend is currently having a major problem with a claim due to PYB rejecting the standard (yet only possible version of) the Proof of Purchase from Orange.

    Would it be possible for you to email Helen’s phone number to me at richjsixtysix at ?

    Thank you for any help in advance!

  44. Stephen Devine

    Hi Alan, I know this was from a good while back but is there any chance you could also send me Helen’s details as I also have the same problem.

    Thanks for any help you can give


  45. Eddie

    Hi Alan,
    I had a really bad experience with PYB. I lost my phone on the tube and they told me that my claim has been denied, because I left the phone unattended. Its been three weeks now and I have been calling them daily on the 0800 number. Can you give me some advice or pass me Helen’s details so that I might get this solved once and for all. I know its been a long time since you posted this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • John O'Reilly

      I lost my phone in November and told PYB that I may have left it in the toilets at my place of work. They initially told me that the claim would be denied, as I had left the phone unattended!!! I registered a complaint and this week I received a letter confirming that they had now switched their decision to make it a loss claim. Do pursue genuine claims with them. My next step would have been a claim through the Small Claims Court, but thankfully that won’t be necessary now.


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  47. Mark Glass

    This is an important message about an insurance company called ‘’.

    I recently had my bike stolen from inside the communal area of my apartment block. The thieves chipped away at the wall to remove the mortar that the wall anchor was bolted into. They then went off with the bike with the chain and lock still wrapped around it.

    I had insured the bike through ‘’ and therefore was not worried about getting it replaced. I reported it to the Police and was issued a crime number. I then approached ‘’ and told them what had happened. They said they wanted copies of all the receipts for the bike, wall anchor, chain and lock. I didn’t have them as I had bought the bike 2 years ago and I’m not one for keeping receipts. They said no receipts, no claim!

    Fortunately, I had bought the bike off Ebay so I was able to contact Paypal and trace back my history and produce a proof of purchase. I also remembered that I had bought the anchor, chain and lock from Toolstation and went to ask them if they could help me, which fortunately they could. If the shop had been closed or they weren’t able to help me, I would not have been able to make a claim.

    A few weeks later they sent me a letter stating they had declined my claim because the anchor, chain and lock I had bought were not approved by a company called ‘Sold Secure’. I was totally unaware that I had to purchase a wall anchor, chain and lock approved by ‘Sold Secure’ as it had never been mentioned to me in the past. I had gone out and bought the most expensive anchor, chain and lock from Toolstation and assumed that would be ok. When I first gave my details to insure my bike they did not say anything at all about the specific locking devices I had to use. You would think that such a vital point would have been mentioned. The chain and lock are kind of the ‘main event’ when it comes to securing your bike, so why not make it clear from the start?! “Dear Sir, it is imperative that you use approved locking devices from a company called ‘Sold Secure’. If you do not use this company, your bike will not be insured. Here are their details.” If I had been told this I would of course have bought them through this specific company instead of Toolstation.

    When I explained to them that no-one had informed me about this rather important detail, their response was that it was in the middle of some booklet they had sent me stating my ‘Terms and conditions’. When I once again explained that I did not remember receiving a booklet nor reading about any company called ‘Sold Secure’, their attitude was belligerent and unwavering. As far as they are concerned I have signed that I have read the booklet and it is my own fault for not reading the small print in amongst a lot of other small print.

    I explained to them that I was an On-call Firefighter and used my bike to answer emergency calls. They said they did not care. I have been arguing my case over the past few weeks but they will not budge. I tried to speak to the actual decision maker but kept getting put through to someone else who had no authority. Whoever had made the decision was too cowardly to speak to me. None of the management would deal with me and just left the young telephonists to deal with me.

    As you can imagine I am very disappointed that they have refused to replace my bike over such a small detail. I feel that they have set me up to fail and obviously do so with each and every other client. They put these hurdles in place on purpose and omit telling you about important things that will affect your claim. If you do make a claim, they have a list of things to catch you out so they don’t have to pay out. Legally they are covered, but morally they are deplorable.

    I feel obliged to warn everyone and prevent anyone else being caught out by them. Please share this with your friends and let people be warned about using

  48. Shadi

    Hi there guys I’ve took out insurance with pyb in my name shadi radman but the contract details are in my cousins name mohibur radman evn tho I’m the authorised user of the account and all payments come out of my account (shadi radman) they have (pyb) refused to give me a new claim advising me my insurance is invalid, can I take this further or are they in the right? Can someone plz get bk to me as I’m stuck here with no phone and apparently no insurance :-s and also can someone send me Helen’s details the pyb manager thanks!!!!!!

  49. Hannah


    I’m a journalist working at BBC Wales. We are currently looking into mobile phone insurance and I wondered whether anyone writing on this wall who has had a bad experience of claiming on mobile phone insurance and is from Wales could contact me on

    Thanks very much,

  50. Hi can you please email me Helen’s number. My phone was recently stolen and it looks like so many people have been having issues and I really have to get my phone ASAP.

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