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Who’s a pretty boy, then?

s73f1326If you’re ever stuck for something to do, indeed, even if you’re not, then you should hotfoot it to deepest darkest Lincolnshire and visit The Parrot Zoo.

That’s what Cat, Rich and I did last weekend to spend a day doing a ‘parrot experience’ – basically shadowing Neil, one of the zoo keepers, and generally probably not being much use in helping feed the almost-two-thousand parrots resident at the zoo.

It was ace.  Just as a regular visitor I would’ve love it, but to get in the aviaries with the birds was great, and having Macaws, African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Senegals, Caiques and the slightly-more-familiar-to-us cockatiels clambering over us was brilliant!

So if you’re stuck for something to do this coming bank holiday, then that’s what you should do – well worth it, and you could always take in the splendour of Skegness afterwards!

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