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Drop Foot Murphys..

Drop foot. The bane of my life at the moment.

Well, last post I said it was set to be the year of the Dog – but clearly not the year of the Blog as it’s been almost a month since I last wrote anything.  I have already taken in a Ferocious Dog gig this year though (and another to come on Saturday!) so at least my post back on the 2nd wasn’t lying!

I have been holding true to my photo a day promise – I’ve been posting them on Facebook and I suppose really I should have been posting them on here as an excuse to keep the blog live, but well, I haven’t.  So if you’re not my friend on Facebook and you’re really curious about what imagery I’ve used to represent each day you can look at the pictures via iCloud by clicking on this link.  I might do monthly summaries on the blog.  Or I might not!

One thing I do want to do is include the captions I used on Facebook on my iCloud images – I will get around to doing that sooner or later.

Since last updating I suppose there are two things that have loomed large aside from the usual suspects of work, football and music – one is the commencement of ‘bastard foot’ – basically, without going into tedious detail, I’m suffering from ‘drop foot’ – which is caused my either a trapped or injured nerve either in my leg or my spine, and it means I can’t lift my foot upwards (dorsiflex), and have lost sensation in my upper foot / lower shin.

An odd sensation for sure – and deeply frustrating as it makes walking awkward and running nigh on impossible meaning I can’t play football, most frustrating.  Through various means I’ve consulted with an Osteopath, my doctor, a neurologist and a physio and frustratingly the prognosis is ‘be patient and it will sort itself out’ – for an impatient person like me that’s the last thing I want to hear!

One positive though is something I’ve taken up in the new year doesn’t require me to be able to run – I bought a guitar to try to challenge the negative perception that “I can’t do music” I’ve always reinforced.  I’ve been making slow but steady progress – admittedly I’m learning “String x, fret y, finger z” rather than notes and chords, but I can chuck out a few familiar riffs and things which has given me pleasure.

Initially I wanted to go it alone and see how I got on – so I’ve been using Guitarsmith – a game for the PS3 into which you can plug a real guitar, as well as looking up tabs on the Internet.  At the moment aside from a few songs I’ve taken to I’ve been perhaps rushing through the game elements, so at some point I’ll need to add a bit of structure to learning, particularly around chords and movement between them – but I’m in no rush, and I’m enjoying myself!

… also the new Dropkick Murphys album is dead good 🙂

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Welcome to the year of the dog..

Thanks to pre-marriage rituals for a friend and the generosity of Santa I’ll be taking in Krakow twice in 2013!

Whilst an excellent Yule was had by us all, it’s definitely been the season of congestion and coughs in our household.  Both Cat and I have basically been ill between Christmas and now.  Ordinarily it might sound smug to point out I’m not back at work ’til next week – but it doesn’t feel too smug as I’ve lost a week of time away from the office to basically sitting around feeling ill or sleeping.

In more positive news word from the garage on New Years Eve gave an ETA of today (well, it’s just today – but 2nd Jan) for the return of my car, so that’s potentially very positive news, it’s apparently very nearly repaired – including a scratch down the other side so it should come back to me in better shape than when I last had it.  Not that I’ve been using the courtesy car much due to aforementioned bastard cold.

The police turned up a couple of days ago enquiring after our next door neighbour.  In true modern-world style we barely know our neighbours (although are on speaking terms with ’em all), I’ve only spoken to next door dude a couple of times though, once over a wheelie-bin mix up and once when he’d kindly taken a parcel in for us – there’s still no sign of him as far as I can tell, he rarely has any visitors – I hope he’s okay.

Of course Forest have been busy since I last posted – and if on Christmas Eve I was feeling increasingly detached from football, the last few days hasn’t helped one bit.  Despite my pensive feelings around football in general, I was actually sold on what I believed the direction Forest were taking in sustainably building a club from the bottom up – it turns out I was a gullible fool and our owners are just another set of impetuous and impatient hatchet men.  Meh.

Finally I decided that I’d copy Rich’s idea of capturing each day (or at least an aspect of each day) of 2013 with a photograph.  I don’t think I’ll spam the blog with these pictures, but use Facebook as the medium for them, and maybe some kind of monthly summary on here… not sure.. I’ll probably forget / lose interest within a few weeks, if that – but it’s a nice idea, one I saw my mate Jonny do before.

For the record, here is today’s picture – my last week or so has been summed up by assorted cough and cold medication, which I suppose at least bodes well for my employer if nothing else, judging by assorted germ-related Facebook statuses I’ve been seeing!


And so it’s a big welcome to 2013.  Much of 2012 has been brilliant, but when I reflect on some areas of life I’m certainly glad to see the back of it and am hoping that the opportunity to psychologically refocus and consolidate will bear positive fruit.  Despite that slight caveat there’s much to look forward to already in the calendar, so optimism is most definitely the way forward for now.  Once this bastard cold fucks off, anyway!


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