Cage fighting..

Lloyd taking in her new surroundings - next to the panel where there should be a door

Lloyd taking in her new surroundings – next to the panel where there should be a door!

A while ago we moved our feathered trio into a swanky new cage.  Unfortunately the cage in question was packed slightly incorrectly.  I could still build it, and we’ve got our beakies living in there happily, but it means that there isn’t a large door where there should be.

I emailed the company I bought the cage from – The Online Pet Store – who immediately offered to arrange a replacement.  That was slightly complicated by the fact I already constructed and started using the cage, so I pointed this out and that I would rather simply have the missing parts sent to me.

Since The Online Pet Store basically buy boxed cages from a supplier to resell, they quite reasonably passed this on to their supplier.  So I entered into conversation with Sky Pet Products – who initially denied that anything was wrong – and again, ultimately, just received boxed products which they distributed to retailers – so referred me to the manufacturer in Germany.

So, enter stage-right  It makes sense to talk to them really – the cage was made there, put in a box there, that’s where the error occurred.  It started quite well – they sent me some instructions that were much clearer than those in the box, although it merely confirmed that the parts in the box weren’t quite right.  After a little bit of to-ing and fro-ing the manufacturers agreed with me.

Then they referred me back to the vendor. Argh!

Lee at Sky Pet Products offered to refund me at his own expense, although that would leave me without a cage at all – all I want is one part that is currently missing.  I declined his offer and recontacted the manufacturer to ask them how I could make this happen – I even offered to pay the part for the replacement part and shipping, and since then (a little over two weeks ago) all I’ve had is no response.

I’ve been preoccupied with other things but am determined not to let this slip, so have left a comment on the manufacturer’s Facebook page to try to illicit a response and will be sending a few more emails once I’ve dug out some addresses.  It’s really frustrating when something that should be simple to resolve is made so difficult, and to not receive a reply at all is appalling customer service.

Anyway, what an interesting blog post – eh?  Sometimes it’s good to rant, and well, you never know – somebody might have the same issue and stumble upon some useful information via a Google search in the future!

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