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Take me to the.. hospital…

There’s only a couple of bands I generally buy all the output of without question, one is – perhaps unsurprisingly to anyone who knows me – the Levellers, and the other is the Prodigy.  As such I opted to take the unusual step of plugging their very-soon-to-be-released album as upon first few listens, it’s a dramatic return to form.

The Prodigy perhaps don’t really deserve such loyalty for recent output.  I grew up very much with Jilted as a soundtrack, and despite latterly finding it the beginning of a decline – The Fat of the Land provided a soundtrack and seminal genre-defining tracks (Firestarter, Breathe) to a fairly significant period in my life, so I have retained a lot of fondness for it, although a glance at my iPhone tells the story – I’ve chopped out the chaff and retained the eight tracks I like.  Jilted I’ve dropped only the incongruous ‘One Love’.

Of course, it all started with the release of Experience – but that’s an album I picked up on latterly having been seduced by Jilted.  However, it does include such gems as Charly and Out of Space so it can’t be ignored completely – nonetheless I digress completely, we’d got as far as The Fat of the Land.

After this there was the interlude release of Liam Howlett’s ‘Dirtchamber sessions’ which had a Prodigy logo on it – I’ll be honest, I bloody love this, it’s basically Liam mashing up tracks before mashing up really was part of the general consciousness.  They then released the rather lazy and ill-fated ‘Baby’s got a temper‘ single – a time when I wondered whether they’d produce any decent output again (although it featured an interesting video).

Another gap, where presumably some more snowboarding took place, and ‘Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned’ arrived.  I like this album, but it’s a Liam Howlett project really – it has some cracking tracks on it, and some fillers – it doesn’t feature Keith or Maxim.  One of the tracks also featured on a BMW advert I think!  It’s good, and it has unmistakable Prodigy-like elements, but it wasn’t great – things were declining.

Yesterday I listened to their latest album, due for release next week, and was pretty much blown away.  It starts with some proper head-juddering tracks that frankly have to be listened to loudly.  I don’t think it’s any exaggeration to say that this is perhaps the album that The Fat of the Land could have been.  Whilst it doesn’t (and what could?) eclipse Jilted, it competes and is a great natural progression.  A build upon that style with a few flashbacks to the more overtly dance roots from which they came from.

I love it.  I most definitely recommend availing yourself of it when it is available – whilst clearly I already have the means to listen to it I shall be purchasing too next week.

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There’s snow business like snow business..

I’ve had a ‘snow day’ today – luckily (or unluckily depending on your outlook) I’ve got a fair bit of stuff I can do in a mobile capacity at the moment, so I’ve had a bash at that.  I had initially set out to try to make it to work, my ingenius plan of heading up to the main road backfired though when I found myself in the highest point of Eastern Nottinghamshire and unable to get down any of the hills, even the major ones.

Fortunately that happens to be flat to where the parentals dwell – so I took refuge there with Mum’s laptop until the roads had been sorted out, and also got to take the dogs out to the park which is always nice, and look slightly jealously at the kids sledging in Digby Park – I’m sure we used to get a bit more speed out of our sledges though.  Seeing people improvising with big plastic sheets and inflatables designed for water was good though – indeed, it’s just nice to see people out and about having fun with one another.

After some bonus cottage pie Dad was making, the roads were passable enough for me to head back home this afternoon, and on with finishing off the stuff I was working on – it’s actually really good to not have folks interrupting you and just getting a few bits and pieces finished off.  According to the BBC we shouldn’t be expecting any further snow tomorrow, which is good – so I should be able to make it into the office – which is a bonus, as I’m meant to be moving my stuff to my new/old desk!

Right, back to work – at home.  Oddness.  I don’t think I could get into working at home regularly – it’s a bit like “Hmm, you’re doing something normal, somewhere normal, but it’s not normal” – or something like that anyway.  I know what I mean!

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So yeah, I’ve been busy.  Actually, that’s not strictly true – well, it is – but should I have really fancied updating bloggage then it really wouldn’t have been even vaguely beyond the realms of possibility.  Not at all.

House is less building-site like, the bathroom however is a definite work-in-progress.  We have a working bath and toilet, and a very enticing looking shower enclosure/wetroom area which is not particularly close to completion – I’m looking forward to that.

Downstairs is grand though, pre-Christmas painting kind of ground to a halt, so there’s finishing up to be done, although I’m tempted to see how the finances sit when we’ve finished bathrooming to see if we can ‘get a man in’ to finish off the fiddly bits, as I’m rubbish at painting.

Thanks to Andy and Kat I was compelled to buy a Wii, which I then proceeded to hack, meaning I have more games than I know what to do with – but Mario Kart is king, although I have also acquired a Wii Fit, which I am also enjoying.  It perhaps explains the lack of blog activity!

Work’s been pretty busy too; I’m moving roles and have been busy with handing over stuff and helping my existing team with a few things – but ‘the move’ should take place next week, which naturally I’m looking forward to.  What with having no shower at home, post-football visits to Mum & Dad’s to get freshened up takes up a chunk of time too.

The other thing that consumes time is Forest – thanks to LTLF folks I’ve inadvertantly ended up going to loads more away games than I probably would have anticipated going to!

Ho hum!  Two updates today, more than I managed in all of January!

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Too lazy and uninteresting to blog.  I’ve spent an obscene amount of time and cash on following Forest this season – most recently in Cardiff, Wales, where thanks to Mike’s hospitality I encountered the song below, which I really like.

I’ve also started Twittering.  I’m not sure why, perhaps it is something which comes naturally living in a house full of cockatiels?  It’s strangely absorbing though, for no particular reason – I imagine it will last not all that long, I might add an RSS feed to the blog.

Click here to find me on there.

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