Random songs from primary school..

I had one of those ‘random things from school popping into my head’ moments again today. Being firmly of the Google generation I duly searched for it, partly to see if it is something I imagined – to validate my strange mind, and of course to see if anybody else out in Internet Land had remembered more of it than me.

We’re back at Primary school time, so mid-to-late 80’s, and it was one of those strange music-book-story type things.  I seem to recall it being about a catalogue in which you could order pretty much anything you could possibly want.  Pretty much the only thing I could recall in any detail were the words (and tune) to part of a song: “It’s easy as falling off a log, when you order from the giant ginormous catalogue.

All Google really unearthed were a couple random Facebook groups such as this one and this one.  Given the myriad of randomly and wonderfully obscure information on the Internet I can’t believe there’s nothing more than that.  Can anyone remember any more? I’m wondering if any Google hits that find this page might reunite me with somebody who can remember what the hell I’m talking about in more detail.

While I’ve been pondering this I can remember another musical type thing that we endured at school.  It involved some kind of song-writing competition in which there was a hero and a villain – the villain realised he wasn’t very talented so arranged to copy the hero’s song to cheat and win.  The hero gets wind of this, and creates a dirgey tuneless song to trick him – whilst of course secretly having a real song in reserve.

The only real detail I can remember are the lyrics to the ‘fake’ song, although I may have some details wrong… it goes something like this: “The blackbird sings a tuneful song, with turns and trills so fine, such skill has he, such majesty, but it’s not as good as mine. La la la la la, La la la la la, no it’s not as good as mine.

The only potential reference Google could find for this was this Tweet. One solitary Tweet.  On the whole Internet – and hardly conclusively about the song I’m thinking about.  After all, the blackbird does sing a tuneful song.

Does anybody else retain these meaningless trinkets of memory to the extent I do?  I often think when I’m at work struggling to remember what I was working on a few weeks ago when somebody has a follow-up query that if I could somehow empty my cache of these silly recollections it might give me a more efficient mind.

It would be a shame to lose silly recollections though, wouldn’t it?  I think on reflection even if that was an option I would keep them.  I would love to hear from anybody who stumbles upon this post through searching for either of the song lyric fragments above, though!

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22 thoughts on “Random songs from primary school..

  1. Amanda

    The song was from a primary school radio series called Pipers Mountain (a sequel to The Pied Piper of Hamelin). We each had a song book with additional illustrations to go with the play. As I recall there was a Princess Hyacinth (she’s Hya cinth yesterday) and a Queen Delores (Queen of the Chorus). The catalogue song was sung by the male and female villains. Other than that I can’t remember what the bugger it was about.

    • Oooh, thanks Amanda! Is this it?

      Is it sad that I’m half considering buying it?!

    • Clare

      I remember this also…shaking a maraca and singing
      “The big ginormous catalogue has everything for your home,
      from a range of bedroom carpets to a plastic garden gnome,
      if you want a conversation piece to knock the neighbours dead, how about a grande piano that converts into a bed?
      It’s eeeeeeeasy, as falling off a log,
      when you order from the giant ginormous catalogue”

  2. Amanda

    looks like it probably is and if you want it go for it

  3. AD

    wow Omg, for the past what 25yrs (ok now i feel old,) ive had this one line *the great ginormous catalogue… somthing somthing somthing* in my head, and being bored i googled it, to see what i came up with to see if there were any versions or someome that would know what it was, or rememeber, so cool to come across your blog! and a working link for amazon… im actaully very temped to get the item myself 🙂 cheers

  4. Lilibet

    Thank you!!!! I’ve been humming the line ‘it’s easy as falling of a log, when you order from the giant ginormous catalogue’ at random intervals for years.

    Decided to google for the first time today and came across your site – Can’t believe that line’s been in stored in my head since 1987…

  5. Vicki

    OMG, just had ‘When I first met queen Delores she was dancing in the chorus of a musical comedy’ in my head, as I often do – so pleased I decided to google!!!

    • Captain Franco

      I thought I was the only person who remembered it! We were going to do the play at St Nicolas school, Abingdon in about 1987 and I got a big part in it as the lead guy and then I had to leave the school coz bloody parents moved house again. I was 9 and now, aged 38 still a doomed actor reduced to the status of a bum.

  6. Susie

    I first found this blog post a while ago and was so pleased I could fill in the gaps (I’d forgotten half a verse and was trying to sing it to my kids). I couldn’t get the PDF link to work then though. Came back tonight and found that not only can I now get the PDF, but some lovely person has put the recording on YouTube – thank you so much. My kids are now roughly the same age as I was when I first sang it and they love it too. If only we could get hold of the rest of the recordings – surely someone somewhere has a tape? Not sure how long my last remaining cassette player has got before it gives up the ghost!!

  7. John Walters

    Well, do you remember, ‘She was the Queen of the chorus, Queen Delores, I knew that no one else would do… She was the Queen of the chorus, Queen Dolores, the Queen of our hearts too’!

    That line ‘randomly’ popped into my head just now & I went searching & found this. Oh, and also from the same ‘epic’ musical… ‘You can’t have everything & I think that’s good…you wouldn’t like it if you could’!
    Also remembered that from primary school circa 1986. Ring any bells?

  8. Steve

    I just found this from searching for “The blackbird sings a tuneful song”; you remembered more of it than me, and your description of the associated plot makes more sense than I remember. I saw it on a schools TV program while off sick, I didn’t actually do it in class.

    And now I’m going to have the giant ginormous catalogue stuck in my head, even though I never heard that before I read this!

  9. Captain Franco

    Yes! I thought of it yesterday as I was remembering being at St Nicolas CofE primary school in the late 80s. Well well welland golly gosh. You can find all sorts of random, obscure things otherwise presumed forgotten on the giant ginormous tinternet.

  10. Nicola blake

    ‘The huge ginormous catalogue
    Has everything for your home
    From a range of bedroom carpets
    To a plastic garden gnome
    If you want a conversation piece
    to knock the neighbours dead
    How about a grand piano
    That converts into a bed.

    It’s eeeeeeasyyyyy…. etc’


  11. Jim

    Same as you this popped into my head as well. I thought it was from an Aladdin/Alibaba style music book we had at primary school but not sure why. Another Song at the end of this had the words “we should like to say that we are sorry, we’ll be nicer from now on”

  12. Rob

    Wasn’t there one about Cesar Augusta being greedy and mean?
    I think that was around the same time 🤔

  13. Rob Hodgkinson

    How strange. I was singing the ginormous catalogue today as it popped into my brain in the same way! I sang it at a primary school play where it was woven into the storyline.

  14. Nathalie Clarke

    The Man in the White Hat (Marshall Nim) and Up the Beanstalk .. Anybody remember these? There’s a fab link:


    where I thought I’d found the books but unfortunately it’s just images ..

    We also sang songs based on the Wind in the Willows (Music workshop) around 1986, I remember a Wild Wood song and the tune really clearly but I cannot find any information on this

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