Jailbreaking 2.1 with Windows for impatient types..

I just followed these instructions and managed to upgrade my iPhone to the 2.1 firmware, and then jailbreak it again to be able to fart around with the themes and install third party applications – woohoo!  Impatient non-Mac users such as myself currently don’t have an easy application-driven solution for jailbreaking within Windows, you see.  Well, it’s quite easy.

* I’ve now fixed the above link so it doesn’t point to a football forum!! Apologies.

I didn’t bother downgrading iTunes back to 7.7, keeping 8 worked absolutely fine.  It had a little wobble after upgrading to 2.1 using iTunes bizarrely, which culminated in my losing patience and restoring to a backup – which wasn’t too arduous.  The biggest drawback was having to reinstall all the non-legit applications – obviously the AppStore ones were backed up neatly in iTunes – not so for the Cydia and Installer ones.  Booo!

Although now I have it jailbroken and working, it’s taking a while to sync all my music and videos back onto it!  Deep joy!  Still, I can have a play with ‘genius’ playlists now!  Fun fun fun!  Hopefully (although I’m not counting too many chickens) Apple have addressed the issue that means my car’s bluetooth kit doesn’t download the addressbook on the phone too.  Works fine on an original iPhone, but since upgrading to 3g it’s not worked.

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