Flickr me this, Flickr me that..

I’ve had a Flickr account for ages, but never really used it much; but noticed that I can upload pics to it easily on the go from my iPhone, and can install a handy block over there –> to display some recent ones, which is rather good.. I used to be a big user of photos on t’internet, with regularly updated galleries – and frankly, I’ve been very slack on that lately (although ‘event’ photos do tend to make it onto Facebook!).

So there you go!  A slight change, but a good one I think.  I suppse it depends if I ever use it regularly, hopefully I will, though!

In terms of non-iPhone related things (since that’s all I seem to write about!), the house is still a building site.  With much elbow grease from myself, Cat, Mum and Dad we’ve got the downstairs mostly unpapered.  This week’s been a bit busy in the evenings, so hopefully on Saturday/Sunday I’ll be able to finish off by spongeing down the walls and getting the remaining bits of paper off, clean out the areas that require filling, do the filling and then make use of a power sander (yay, powertools!) to smooth everything off.

Hopefully that will leave us with a surface suitable to paint without reskimming; we shall see!  Either way, we won’t be having wallpaper since our little winged pincers like nibbling it!  The very loud fans the dryers left us are still running; they’re coming on friday to see if we still need them – I’m hoping not, as we can’t really do any work until they’re gone, I’m also needing to get in touch with a plumbing pal to discuss what we can do about replacing our heating with something more practical.

If I didn’t have a pretty hectic day job it would be easy!  Still, no pain no gain.

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