I’ve never really succumbed to the charms of Apple, which is unusual having at least slight geekish tendencies – I know a number of my friends are very much converts – but whilst the aesthetics of Apple’s stuff has always appealed to me, compatibility issues and – if I’m honest – fear of the unfamiliar has always kept me faithful with PCs. And that’s not really changed.

Despite often pondering it, even the ubiquitous iPod didn’t lure me into the ranks of an owner of an Apple product – whilst there are cheaper mp3 players on the market, the simplicity and aesthetics were big appeals and I must admit I’ve almost succumbed a number of times on that front. It wasn’t until I encountered an iPhone that I became absolutely determined I was going to own one – and now I do.

Now, many of the iPhone’s features would have put me off a while back – they’re rigidly uncustomisable without them being hacked, and whilst they array of tasks they perform is awesome – they are often limited, for example, Bluetooth is crippled to only work as a means to transmit calls to a device – not transfer files etc, it’s only available on the o2 network in the UK, the camera software has little or not functionality… in the past I wouldn’t have been happy with this.

But now, to be honest, I was tempted by both the form and the function. A phone of course is the primary function, and the ability to send text messages – but the lure of having some music on the go (I’m not a big music-on-the-go listener, but I do like to on occasion), and more importantly ‘proper’ internet access when I’m out and about was big selling point for me – and I’ve not been disappointed at all. Little things like the ‘pinch to zoom’ type stuff, the finger-dragging to scroll etc were all icing on the cake.

It’s true that I’ve had to install the hateful iTunes on my computer in order to control its content, but it’s been worth the palaver now I’ve got a selection of stuff I’m happy with on there, all with cover artwork to maximise the impact of the awesome coverflow view (I’m so easily impressed!!). The other bonus is that I can actually get a mobile signal at work now, which I couldn’t before on the Orange network.

Credit to Orange, they made it incredibly easy for me to cancel their contract – allowing me to “buy out” the remaining time for an amount significantly lower than it would have been had I been held to it, and my number should be transferred over to the iPhone in a couple of days, a week after activating it, which isn’t bad at all. I guess that’s basic customer service but that’s not something you can always take for granted these days!

So I can’t see myself rushing out to buy a Powerbook or anything, but my first experience of owning an Apple product has been a very pleasing one!

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