Record breakers!

One of the main reasons I really love working for my employers is it is entirely compatible with my deep-rooted feelings towards my home town, as despite being privately owned now Boots is still very much an institution and will be constantly associated with Nottingham.  Another is that it’s great that Boots does plenty of worthy things for charities, much of which goes unreported, however this post is about last year’s shenanigans to raise over £1m for Children in Need.

Part of this cash, around £16,000 to be precise, was raised by some ingenius people in our head office deciding to attempt to break a Guinness World Record; upon perusing potential records to tackle they fantastically opted to target the large ‘wobble board’ ensemble.  Those of you who know me well will know I love most things related to Rolf Harris, so upon hearing about it I couldn’t wait to sign up and, indeed, even agreed to help coordinate the attempt on the day.

Children in Need day at Boots is generally a bit of a ‘tools down and raise cash’ kinda day – and for the day our team had opted for fancy dress.  Thanks to my colleague Katie and her very generous friend Dean, I was able to borrow a Chewbacca costume for the day – somewhat to the surprise of the other guys orchestrating the Wobble Board attempt!  It was a really really fun day – and raised plenty of cash for a fantastic cause.

Anyway, I digress.  Over the last couple of days Boots received word that the chaps at the Guinness Book of Records have confirmed our record-breaking attempt was a success and sent a certificate to say so – they have yet to update their website with the information, and we wait with excitement to see if we make it into the book – but for now, I rather amusingly featured on the picture Boots used to announce the confirmation on their corporate intranet – dressed as Chewbacca, stood next to the Chief Executive of Boots!

A nice reminder of a day well-spent!

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