Chelsea dagger..

I discovered recently I could very well find myself an awarding winning amateur radio journalist! Well, sort of. Dave mentioned it to me, but I’d half forgotten what with being ill, and then had the strange surprise of hearing myself on the radio alarm clock as I was waking up this morning – which, since I’ve not done any work with BBC Radio Nottingham for a while was a bit of a surprise.

Basically, Radio Nottingham have been nominated for a Sony award – the radio equivalent of the Oscars (so they say!) – and in being nominated, the award organisers picked 30 features provided by BBC Radio Nottingham during the qualification period for the awards. And one of the two sports features they picked was an audio diary I recorded when Forest ‘played’ Chelsea last year in the FA Cup – at which time I was quite regularly doing fan bulletins for the radio.

You can listen to the audio diary in full by using the link below – I’m quite chuffed about it, it was good fun and it’s a shame they’ve since decided not to utilise my pathetic addiction to Nottingham Forest to continue recording my largely boring thoughts about the not-so-mighty Reds! That said, I bombarded the poor sods at Radio Nottingham with audio clips throughout the day, so massive credit should also go to the poor bugger who had to edit it into something sensible! (I think the aptly named Tim Forrest can take credit for that).

There was also a photo gallery setup on the BBC website for the Chelsea vs. Forest match – which you can visit by clicking here. I miss being a media whore!

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2 thoughts on “Chelsea dagger..

  1. Can’t get the audio thingy to work 😦

  2. The audio link does appear to be fecked 😦 There’s a link to the audio on the BBC page that’s linked in the story, though πŸ™‚

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