A weekend of failure..

.. on the sporting front, well, kind of.  I’m not remotely interested in egg-chasing, so didn’t join the clamour to be temporarily interested in the loathsome sport, and I’m almost as non-plussed by the recent resurgence of F1 since we have a decent driver from England all of a sudden.  So I suppose Forest drawing 0-0 with Doncaster meant I got off lightly on the sporting front, particularly when you consider England losing to Russia last week too!

In the world of Alan it’s been a lot of same old same old really.  Thursday’s football saw an unprecidented 14 people squeezing onto a 5-a-side pitch in a very hotly contested game of football, with very little room to manoeuvre – we won in the end with the sixth of our goals coming with the last kick of the game to win 6-5.

And aside from the inevitable trudge to the City Ground at the weekend, it was all about fence panels, with three more made and in place that takes the total to seven, which is pretty much half way there!  Then of course we need to make like Mr Miyagi and ‘paint the fence’ – arf.  We need to find something to put along the top too, whilst they’ll be fine as they are, they look a tad incomplete…

.. this week we’ve got the joys of Jason P and his operatic chums on Wednesday, which is always an entertaining evening, the usual games of footy on Tuesday and Thursday – and on friday Pip should be heading over from Poland for a long-overdue catchup which I’m really looking forward to 🙂

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