Bambi on ice..

.. we went Ice Skating as part of a marketing away day yesterday, I dimly remember ice skating when younger, and being reasonably competent at it (ie, I could stand up and move about a bit).  So I was quite looking forward to having another bash at it – particularly since the council are installing an outdoor rink in the Market Square for Christmas.

You see, the C&MI team have their Christmas bash in December, and it’s in fancy dress – fancy dress on ice would be amusing.

Sadly, I proved to be incredibly inept at Ice Skating!  Usually when I undertake a new physical activity that is by no means impossible, I’m usually able to get reasonably good at it – so I found it really frustrating when I didn’t seem to make any improvement whatsoever!  Being a bit stubborn in such situations, I carried on regardless…

… so now I have a lot of bruises and aches and pains as thanks for that!  Still, despite my left knee being quite sore from a particularly vicious landing, I opted to play football tonight – I’m glad I did, it was a rip-roaring game which finished with just one goal in it, with yours truly putting in – if I do say so myself – a rather solid performance in mainly in defence.

The other thing of note lately is that I’ve been quite amusing to discover a Freeview channel called ‘Dave’ – it has some okay stuff on it too!

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