Calendars, clocks, and hickory-docks..

.. my calendar seems to be filling itself up lately, which is pretty alarming.

Last night we had the usually-annual trip to the badlands of Long Eaton to see Jase and Siobhan strut their stuff on stage with the Long Eaton Operatic Society. This year’s production was ‘Pirates of Penzance’ – a Gilbert and Sullivan musical.

Whilst not being a classic play or musical lover as such, I have enjoyed their past productions very much – and this one was no exception, although was a little heavy on the warbling for my delicate ears! It was definitely a lot more uber-musical than past shows, but still a suitably good laugh, where many swashes were veritably buckled!

Tomorrow I’m off to Derbyshire to catch up with Pip (and family!), before returning to Nottingham for a school reunion of sorts, that Facebook has thrust upon us! Next week I have been pressganged into playing football in a league game – which should be, um, interesting! Still, Forest are playing on tuesday so it will be a good replacement game.

And in early November, Rich and I are off to watch Carl Froch at the Nottingham Arena. For those of you who don’t know, Froch is a local boxer who’s been doing rather well lately. I’m not particularly a boxing fan, but haven’t ever seen a live fight – so figured I might as well break my duck with a bit of local interest – best of all, he generally arrives at the ring in a Forest shirt!

Then the Christmas shenanigans will start in earnest!.. scary.. I foresee an expensive few weeks ahead!…

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