Alton Towers is ace…

… and that is all!  Well, almost…

Went there today, it’s great during term time – it’s quieter so you can leg it straight on to the best rides.  I remember going during the summer just after Oblivion opened, and queuing for a good couple of hours just for one go on it, today we did Nemesis three times (twice on the front row), Air twice (once on the front row), Oblivion twice and Rita Queen of Speed three times (once on the front), as well as a few other diversions.  All in all, a top top day!

Off for drinks now, but feeling a bit tired from both the adrenaline I’ve got through today, and the fact that I’m still in recovery phase from a cold, so I’ve decided in my infinite wisdom to take the car in and stick to the soft drinks, which is much easier.

But yes, Alton Towers – top day out.

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One thought on “Alton Towers is ace…

  1. pcollison

    That’s quite an impressive facial expression there! To go through the ride and then pose for the camera is good forward thinking. 😀

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