My fingertips are holding on to the cracks in our foundation..

Today is a day I spent working in store in Sheffield.  We periodically get called to arms to go to help our colleagues in the stores to merchandise for Christmas (no, really!) etc, which is what we’ve been up to today – and it’s bloody hard work for us office softies who aren’t used to a day on our feet lifting and carrying stuff – but it’s good to get out and remind ourselves what working for a big retailer is really all about at the sharp end!

Getting there was a bit of a ‘mare – the traffic just outside Heeley Park (just south of Sheffield proper) was mighty sluggish, but once there we cracked on and did quite a bit in the day.  Back again to finish off tomorrow hopefully, and then it’s back to the relative comforts of the office from wednesday.  It does make you appreciate just being able to make a tea when you fancy it, and spending plenty of time sitting down, even if you end up with eye strain from all the computer time!

Meanwhile at home the garden is getting a makeover – and I must admit after getting home today I was very impressed with how much graft our two garden designer types have gotten through – they’ve managed to completely remove the lawn at the back and the side of the house as well as consign lots of other rubble and stuff into the skip on the drive, as well as clearing the leylandii remains we’ve had in the garage for a while – it should be very exciting seeing how it develops over the week!

In half an hour the game between Newcastle and Derby kicks off, it should be entertaining seeing how many goals a resurgent Michael Owen can bag against the hapless sheep botherers, although now I’ve written this it will end up a dull 0-0 draw or a shock first win for the Rams.  Hmm, maybe not, eh?  The replay to Forest vs. Leicester in the Carling Cup is tomorrow evening, despite being 1-0 up at half time in the abandoned game, I fully expect us to lose the replay.

Not that the cup is of particular importance, although it would be nice to keep our 30-odd year old record against Leicester at the City Ground intact, and of course, to get one over on a certain former ginger manager of ours.  That’s about as exciting as it gets for this game, I’m afraid!  One thing I have learned today has prompted me to pick up some cobs and some bacon for preparation of a decent breakfast tomorrow – I was starving by the time lunch arrived today!!

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