Busy week!

I spent two days working in a store this week, and bejesus my legs are aching like hell!  It’s amazing what a couple of days on your feet lifting and carrying stuff can do to an office-softened numpty like me!  Still, we got lots done, rather alarmingly, as ever, adding Christmas products in September… it will be a sad day when I no longer think . o O ( Christmas stock?  September?  What the fuck? ).

Elsewhere this week we’ve been having our garden revamped – it was a surprise to get home on monday and find no lawn at all… they’ve been making quite rapid process over the course of the week and it should be done but for a bit of planting that we can add at our leisure.  It is starting to look rather good, and hopefully will give us not only a smaller lawn (yay – I hate lawn mowing!), but also a flat one with borders, rather than going right against the fence/tree/etc.

Yesterday was very productive indeed too… I had a bit of an eBay-fest the other week, buying up some bits and pieces I’ve been meaning to for a while.  On the way home I also picked up a new desk for the desktop PC under the stairs – so combined with my eBay purchases we now have a large network storage drive (which runs on it’s own – so no need for the main PC to be on to use it), as well as a permanent network connection for the XBox 360 – so the next job is to work out how to best utilise the console to stream music/photos/videos from the network.  Yay!

Which brings today, which is a sad day – it’s the 3rd anniversary of the death of Brian Clough.  Of course, as time passes it becomes more appropriate to just reflect on the memories and the impact he’s had both on me and my surroundings – and the world of football, but it’s still a sad time, so if you do nothing else today, take a moment to reflect on a true legend – in a time when the term is applied to mediocrity or downright lunacy.

Rest in peace, Sir Brian.

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One thought on “Busy week!

  1. Tis also the anniversary of At One…..2 years old on 20th Sept 🙂

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