Karma sutra candy?

At work we’re quite big fans of Haribo sweets, and the strangely-named offshoot of them called ‘Maoam’ – which geniusly they sell in our staff shop, and allow you to have them as the snack part of a Boots meal deal too.  But it’s become apparent that some of the graphics seem to feature a strange green cartoon character in a number of slightly sexual looking poses with fruits representing the different flavours.  Check it out!

It’s definitely a bit dodgy, even considering the fact that I can probably be said to have somewhat of a dirty mind!

Anyhow, we had a work night out last night – which involved much drinking in the Canal House, which was splendiferous – lots of cherry beer was consumed by me, anyway!  After the pub started closing, we headed for some dirty burgers followed by a stint in the casino, since they only had space on the expensive Blackjack tables I had a few quid on Roulette and ended up winning a bit, not sure how much – but counting up the cash I had on me upon getting home, I only had £6 less than when I left the house earlier – so all in all a successful trip!

Today I aided my recovery with a Morrisons breakfast, which did the trick!  And I’ve since been ordering a few bits and pieces from eBay to give us a network drive to store media on independently of any of the computers, as well as a couple of widgets to enable me to expand the network and let the XBox 360 have a permanent network connection without a huge cable trailing across the room – as then I can explore the possibilities of the XBox’s ability to play music/video files from the network.

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