A picture tells a thousand words..

I forgot to mention before, but I’m going to be published next year!  Or rather, a photograph I took back in 2002 is.  In 2002 I twice went to Stonehenge for a ‘private’ viewing, where – if you apply to English Heritage, you basically get to wander freely beyond the fences either first thing in the morning, or in the evening.  The first time was part of a group, the second time just myself and Cat went at dawn just after midsummer – which was where the photo I took came from.

It’s basically a picture taken from in the middle of the monument, looking back towards the horizon trying to capture the sun rising just behind the heel stone and casting a shadow right into the middle of the structure.  It only does this precisely at midsummer, you see – and there’s a probably fanciful theory that this was part of the purpose of the place – to symbolise the Sun (an ancient symbol of masculinity) coming together with Earth (ancient symbol of femininity) to fertilise the world for another year.  Or something.  It’s all very Freudian.

So yes, anyway, ages ago I posted a few photos on a website devoted to all things megalithic, and since have kind of drifted away from the subject somewhat, only to be emailed out of the blue by the website owner asking if it was okay if one of their members used the photos in a forthcoming book – which is ace, so naturally I agreed!  Hopefully I’ll be able to get hold of a copy of it too, so that I can revel in my photographic prowess or something!

Other than that, it’s been a whole lot of working – although we did take a trip to Cat’s folks at the weekend, where we discovered the existence of a herb called ‘grains of paradise’ – which would have to live upto their name indeed, since the recipe that contained them also consisted of ‘pig lites’ – which are presumably named because you wouldn’t want to know which bits of pig were precisely included in the dish!

We also went on a trek to Northampton on monday to pick up a TV corner unit I won on eBay – which is quite a long way, but it was for a bargainous price.  We had a glass/chrome affair which went well with the telly, but not our other furniture – plus Phoebe saw it as a climbing frame, and one with easily accessible cables to chomp upon – so replacing it was a sensible option really, and I’m quite pleased with the outcome.

Speaking of Phoebe, after her over-zealous preening/molting rendered her flightless, she’s been on a campaign of feather-regrowth and is now pretty mobile in the air again – although a little lacking in range and confidence still, but she’s well on the way to full menacing capabilities again, which is nice to see as she was rather a forlorn little bird when she couldn’t really get around herself very easily.

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One thought on “A picture tells a thousand words..

  1. I’m not surprised….it is a fantastic picture. Evocative.

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