Words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm..

I’m sure I read somewhere that time seems to go faster as you get older – in which case I’m worried I’ve aged about 10 years in a month or so. No sooner am I heading to work on a monday morning it seems to be friday again! It’s true a new project I’m involved with has started to kick off, but I’m no busier than normal, and whilst it’s interesting, it can hardly be described as having fun – so I’ve no explanation for time seemingly flying!

This week (on tuesday – it seems like only a day ago!), I had the pleasure of meeting Stan Collymore. He was doing ‘An Evening With..’ in The Approach which Rich and I had decided to attend, it was an entertaining night – as well as his amusing on-the-stage antics and stories, the highlight for me was him popping outside the venue for a quick cigarette, and ask for a light. Sad really, but I’ve always been in awe of people who I’ve literally worshipped as a footballer. He was very genial and we had a nice chat, including getting the opportunity to ‘out’ “the other” Rich as the originator of the LTLF petition to get him to come back to Forest as a player! Arf.

On Wednesday afternoon we spent the afternoon in Via Fossa, which was a pleasant change with the sun out sat on the balcony, alas I was the only person with enough foresight to not have my car with me, so there wasn’t to be any sneaky drinking sessions to be had. I suspect that I would have regretted this come thursday morning anyway, so I suppose I should be pleased that fortune smiled on me, really!

Thursday and Friday evenings were football – I seemed to have a dreadful game on thursday, not sure why – although I did score thanks to a helpful deflection off Rich, and I did flatten Ross in revenge for him not being flattened last time I collided with him! I dunno, when I were a lad there were nowt wrong wi’ a good ode shoulder-barge! Arf. Friday footy was better. Since my side seemed to have no defenders I stayed back – it was about 8 vs. 7 (we were the 7 until Dave was taken poorly), so we were outnumbered and it was quite crowded, not optimum conditions for me as I like to have at least a bit of time on the ball!

I think we won in the end – which was good! So that’s another week gone! Forest aren’t playing tomorrow laughably because we have so many international call ups! So at least they can’t ruin my weekend, as is their way. I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about England anymore, since McClaren has taken over it’s sapped my interest to beneath-my-already-low-interest-when-Sven-was-in-charge levels, which is certainly an achievement of sorts. Fucking Heskey. What was he thinking?

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