Milk? Urgh!

For those of you, like me, who have been hankering after re-living the pinch-faced wee Scouse scally and his mate discussing the merits of milk-drinking – with particular reference to Ian Rush and Accrington Stanley, then hanker no longer – for thanks to Rich it is below!

It’s still a genius advert, certainly it retains a fondness because when it was televised I was too young to realise that Liverpool FC were part of the axis of evil, so perhaps I can forgive myself my indulgence just this once!

On a more ‘blog’ note, my feet absolutely kill from a couple of games in the new boots. Cat has very kindly acquired me some ‘Compeed’ today, which apparently is like an uber-plaster that you stick over blisters and basically wait for it to fall off/disintegrate/rot/whatever it is they do, by which point the blisters should be gone – huzzah! So hopefully I’ll be more comfortable soon.

Won on thursday, played quite well – lost on friday, played quite badly owing to only being able to run in a manner that made me look like I really needed a poo. Still, them’s the breaks! Last night was Ruth’s 30th drinking session, and I got fairly trollied yet seemed to be able to get up this morning quite easily (odd!), it was a good night, though!

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