Lay off my blue suede shoes..

My astroturf trainers have been noticeably degrading for the last few weeks, they’re still mostly ‘structurally’ sound, but they’ve become far from nasally sound after getting a good drenching the other week. I was gutted, because I’ve really really rated them compared to previous trainers I’ve used. They were Adidas Absolado (or something like that), and of course, in the year or so since I acquired them, they’re no longer ‘current’ so you can’t get ’em.

I had wanted to replace them with like for like, but checking out numerous online places it doesn’t seem that anywhere sells them new any more, so I assume they’ve been discontinued. Dammit! However, I had a stroke of luck in JJB Sports earlier, although this silver lining certainly had it’s cloud. My old boots were as pictured, mostly black with a bit of red and white, the ones I now own are a rather poncey looking blue pair.

I’ve always ended up paying extra in the past to aviod the wonderous array of brightly coloured trainers you can get these days for football. I just like a nice pair of black ones, understated, that say “Hey, I’m not that good at this, just an average player plodding around for a laugh.” In the past I had a need-trainers-in-a-hurry-and-the-only-shop-I-have-time-to-visit-only-has-one-pair -in-my-size dilemma that saw me walk away with gold trainers. Big mistake.

You see, gold trainers say “I’m good, in fact, I’m better than you”, and even after a few touches, when it is patently obvious this isn’t true, you still find yourself being kicked all over the place. This was back when I was playing competitively rather than my more relaxed serial-friendly-games arrangement now, so the necessity to understate (or perhaps accurately state) my less-than-graceful footballing abilities is less acute.

Nonetheless I do look out for less flashy designs for preference, so it rankles that now I possess a pair of metallic-ish looking blue football trainers, which I bought because they’re basically identical to my old ones in all but colour, and because they were in a sale making them a bargain. The fact they were in the bargain bin also suggests they are indeed discontinued, alas, because they are ace – or at least I hope they are, otherwise I’ll be doubly gutted!!

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