Perennial peroneal palsy peskiness prompts prose..

A prognosis of sorts – having seen a neurologist who diagnosed me with common peroneal palsy – damage to the nerve that controls dorsiflexing my right foot, she referred me for nerve conduction studies to try to pinpoint where this was occurring – as that nerve runs for the 4th/5th vertebrae and right down your leg.

Knee always seemed likely – it’s a spot where the nerve loops around the fibula, and an acknowledged weak spot should it take a blow or be subject to poor posture (I do have poor posture, and prone to bashes on the knee thanks to the frequency of football playing I engage in.

That’s pretty much what the consultant who has been reviewing my test results has concluded – so six weeks after it started, with no real improvement in symptoms, I now know there’s damage to the nerve covering (rather than the nerve itself – good news) around my right knee, and that it should get better through nothing other than patience, which so far I’ve found I have in short supply.

All in all though it’s good news – frustrating that nobody seems able to put a timescale on it improving, I left it with my doctor that I’d call him in six weeks if there was no signs of improvement. Β It had better not be six more weeks before I see any kind of recovery, otherwise I’ll go a bit bonkers! Β I might have to start to think about alternatives to playing football which I’ve not been able to do for weeks though.

Tom made me laugh at work the other day when we were talking about this, I forget the exact turn of phrase he used but it was something like “Tell you what Al, you never go in for normal things going wrong with you, do you?” – I think he was mindful of my occasional bouts of Labyrinthitis which is, of course, a spectacularly ironic ailment for someone as obsessed with the Jim Henson movie of similar name as me!

Ho hum.

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