Stuff an ting..

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 23.29.24Drop foot – no change. Hella annoying.  I’ve had an electro-conductive study that I’m awaiting the results of, hopefully it will offer some kind of indication as to the cause.  Something to chase up with the doctor later in the week.  Deep joy.  No football for over six weeks now, I’ll be turning back into a fatty in no time!  It’s really rather disheartening – but all I can do is try to put up with it as best as I can hope for resolution.

Guitar – making some progress, of course learning via RockSmith is limited to teaching you by rote rather than by theory, although I’ve been learning a few bits and pieces away from the game too.  I’m starting to face into the need to start working on mastering the art of chords / power-chords which will necessitate me working my fretting hand a bit more to be able to reach / sustain those positions.  I’m really enjoying it still, though!

Music – there’s been plenty of Ferocious Dogging – with a trip to Chesterfield (see picture) for a beer festival where moshing was banned (yeah right!).  Next up is my birthday gig in the Rescue Rooms, then hilariously Chris, Andy and I (and possibly Phil and Oscar) are seriously considering heading to Llandewi Brefi to see ’em (if you’ve not twigged, it’s where Daffyd ‘The Only Gay in the Village’ in Little Britain is from.

Online – I’ve shed a couple of my online distractions ostensibly due to disillusionment with their subject matter.  In truth, I’ve not really missed either of them, so I’m appreciating the lack of the drag-factor that had come with keeping things updated.  That’s a bit cryptic isn’t it?  Well, I was committing time to something out of habit/duty – turns out belatedly that whatever satisfaction I derived from them wasn’t sufficient to compensate for their overall hassle factor.

Travelling – I’m off to Krakow in a week and a bit for Elmo’s stag do – this is rather exciting.  I’m looking forward to it, and must get around to ordering some currency.  Travellers are advised to use dollars there but that seems boring, so I’ll probably get me some Zloty instead I think!  Now to find somewhere with a reasonable exchange rate!  In March we’re off to Norfolk too, which should be nice too – albeit a rather more relaxing proposition.

Photo every day – amazingly I’ve remembered to take one every day so far this year!  Whether I maintain that remarkable record (hmm, okay – so I remembered 49 days – it’s not really that impressive is it?!).   Should you wish to explore my 2013 so far via the medium of pictures and you’ve not been watching my mundane Facebook timeline, then you can see them by clicking on this link right here.

Busy old times.. of no real consequence.  Then again, what really is of consequence?  We are all but specks upon a speck that is itself merely a speck upon the universe.  Deep, huh?

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