It’s certainly not run by me. And seemingly not FOR me either.

I was pretty excited to join up with Giffgaff – my contract with O2 is up, and I’ve decided that rather than tie myself to 18 or 24 month commitments I’d rather save money and buy my next handset outright.  So the proposition of Giffgaff was quite exciting – a tenner gets me all the minutes I could ever need, unlimited texts and unlimited data.  Awesome, I think, I’m on it.

It took around four days for the free sim card to arrive, along with instructions on how to activate it – it all sounded very straight forward.  I did this on Saturday morning, even with a hangover it was pretty easy – pop the activation code and SIM card number into a form, top up with a £10 goodybag and then wait around half an hour (but on rare occasions up to 24 hours) for confirmation of your new number etc.

So, that was a bit over 72 hours ago – and logging into my Giffgaff dashboard reveals the same message about activation.  I took some time to peruse the community – after all, that’s what the network is supposed to be about – there’s lots of excellent users who advise and help their fellow users there, but aside from disparate and inaccurate updates there’s very little news of this problem from the Agents (people who can access your account details) nor the mysterious technical team who have some kind of firewall to protect them from end users (as a former technical support worker I can understand the desirability of that!).

As well as the community forum you can seek 1:1 support through raising a ticket with an agent – I did this after the 24 hour was exceeded but alas the only updates I’ve had have been “It’s with our technical team” and “It should be working tomorrow”.  It’s all rather frustrating for me, let alone the burgeoning list of people like me, many of whom seem to not have an alternative of just sticking with their contract a while longer.  I’m glad I didn’t cancel O2 just yet, that’s for sure!

Given how crotchety I can be for fairly trivial misdemeanors in customer service I’ve been surprised at how relaxed I’ve felt about this, maybe it’s because I still have use of my phone – but I find myself reluctant to give up on them just yet (helped by the fact I’ve a couple of friends who use it with no problems, and maybe because they sponsor The Big Bang Theory on E4 (sic)).  I am starting to lose my patience though, not because there’s a problem, problems happen – but the lack of information, timescales or just ongoing acknowledgement is very poor customer service.

I’m finding myself increasingly tempted to go for a sim only deal with 3.

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4 thoughts on “Giffguff..

  1. Hey Alan, what’s your username and I’ll investigate for you,
    Kind regards,
    gg community team.

    • Hi Hazel,

      Username is goddammit 🙂

      Thank you.

    • This is been sorted now, my Giffgaff sim card is working – the activation issues were caused by unforeseen technical issues and affected many others too, who mostly seem to be sorted.

      I’m going to stick with it, I’ve initiated a transfer of my number from O2 and will treat the month ‘goodybag’ I paid for as a trial to see how it goes. The only limitation on my iPhone is that GiffGaff don’t support Visual Voicemail, which I’ve never really seen the point of anyway, so I’m not too bothered about that.

  2. After this I ended up with Three, and then T-Mobile (who are of course part of EE) – I’m basically a total network whore 🙂

    I left Giffgaff because they plan on introducing a cap to their data allowance – and I had a poor signal at home. I tried Three on a rolling contract when I got my iPhone 5, but their signal was poor at home too – so switched to T-Mobile who use EE’s network and that has proven a winner!

    Plus obviously puts me in pole position for a 4G deal when the time comes..

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