Giffgaff, not naff?

Since my post yesterday laid into Giffgaff it seems only fair to offer some praise – they promised to resolve the SIM activation issue within 24 hours and sure enough, this morning my account was working as it should.  Reassured by friends who’ve been using the service a while, I’m content to put the considerable teething trouble down to some exceptional circumstances that hopefully aren’t the norm.

I’ve been impressed by the community spirit on the forums (obviously there were fractious times in the threads relating to the technical problems, but having gone ‘off-piste’ and looked around some of the other areas there’s a great group of helpful people who are largely voluntarily sparing their time to help and advise new users on matters both relating to the network and more general off-topic areas.

The only thing that Giffgaff doesn’t deliver service wide that O2 did was visual voicemail on my phone – I’m not really bothered about that, although I’ve decided to use this trial period to also trial an app called HulloMail which basically is an enhanced version of voicemail.  If I like it I might opt to subscribe (£6 a year), if I think it’s just okay I’ll keep the freebie version with ads – otherwise it’s no hardship to use the old skool method of ringing up your voicemail to retrieve messages.

Of course, if my scheduled number-change for tomorrow goes tits up then I reserve the right to go all George Osbourne on your asses and make a U-Turn denouncing the service again – but so far, so good.  Yesterday’s rant was, it seems, a product of bad timing in that I chose to sign up at a time when they underwent a technical crisis.

Watch this space.  And if you are thinking of joining them, use the link on the right to order a sim card and earn me some points!  Thanks!  For me the jury is now out as I start using the service in earnest.

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2 thoughts on “Giffgaff, not naff?

  1. fuckhead

    LOLZORZZZ…Enjoy Your Windy guff-gaff, and rest assured that the “technical problems” you experienced on day one will continue for quite some time!

    • Well we shall see, I’m fairly low maintenance when it comes to requirements – I just want it to work, if it doesn’t then it’s easy to extract myself from it as I’m only paying month to month 🙂

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