I’ve become somewhat addicted to the Draw Something app on my iPhone and iPad (also available on lesser operating systems, apparently).  It’s kind of like Pictionary, you draw something to represent a word, your opponent guesses and you both get virtual coins when guessed correctly, then it’s your opponents turn to guess – repeat ad nauseum.

Of course, generally clues can be executed with efficient and deft skill using stick-men, arrows or even half-cheating and using verbal clues by writing (some people unfeasibly actually write the word out, frustratingly!), but occasionally my inner scribbler gets a bit carried away and completely over-engineers the drawing for the lucky (or probably bored opponent who has to sit and watch it be drawn in real time!).

It’s a really fun game, it will link in with your Facebook account to find you people to play against who you know, you could opt for random games within the app or find people by their username.  I would definitely recommend it if you have a creative yen – although I’ve ended up with so many games on the go I’ve had to delete the app from my phone and stick to iPad playing otherwise I’d be sat playing it at work and probably get sacked!

Also, a stylus is a big help if you do want to indulge in more complicated drawings.  Below are a few random examples of drawings that I’ve either been pleased with or have amused me on a more childish level.

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