With my parents well underway with the plotting of their house move in a couple of months there’s been stuff up for grabs – not least their old dining table, which Cat and I have duly claimed.  The table we had was okay, but I struggled to fit my legs under it, being freakishly tall.  When I say it was my folks’ old dining table, that’s only telling a part of the story.

I couldn’t say for certain who it originally belonged to – but certainly earlier in its life it resided in Wood Farm, a farm still there nestled between Calverton and Woodborough in Nottinghamshire.  It belonged to my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother who owned said farm.  After this point I’m not sure of its whereabouts – I do remember my Great Grandmother, just.  She was living in an old folks home in Arnold, perhaps the table lived there with her too?  I think she had a house in Arnold before that too.

Whatever familial movements the table made, it ended up with my parents – I first remember it in their current house, not the one before it on Kent Road in Mapperley – but maybe it was there.  Either way, it’s one upon which I’ve eaten countless meals, glued together Airfix models, worked on my radio controlled car, done homework, drawn cartoons for Rich’s fanzine or for fun, painted.

I even compelled my Mum to get it French polished by the dad of a girl I fancied at school (fortunately he did a great job! – not that it did me any favours in the way I’d hoped!).

So it’s quite nice that it’s now replaced our old table – it’s funny how you can feel oddly attached to what is basically a few bits of oak put together into a piece of furniture.  It’s a very nice piece of furniture though, and it’s been there sitting idly by whilst lots of things have come to pass not just in my lifetime but beforehand throughout my maternal line, which is quite nice to think about really.

To lighten the mood there’s a greasy-haired younger tracksuit-wearing me busily doing some homework upon the very table over on the right!

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