School’s out forever..

Rummaging through my old school and uni work is always an interesting prospect, but a disappointing experience.  It was required today as the parents are having a big clear-out.  As such I needed to select things to keep, and consign considerable portions of my education – from Primary School right through to University – to the bin (I could of course have kept it all, but that would seem a bit silly).

That I haven’t beaten a path to reclaim these treasures after not far off ten years of home ownership speaks volumes of both my procrastination powers and of course the fact that they’re probably not all that interesting.  Indeed, the most interesting part of the rummaging was the random insults, graffiti and drawings that adorned certainly most of my school books.  After a considerable sort through I probably elected to keep less than 10% of the total.

To the skip! These are the the years of work that never made it!

It’s kinda sad to see them end up in the skip tomorrow, but there’s not much point in lugging it all back home only to dump it in the loft indefinitely – so I’ve been ruthless.  I kept a few examples, a few assignments and any feedback/report type stuff I encountered – so there’s an edited collection to fuel future nostalgia sessions at least.  Or to sit in not-quite-such-a-big corner of the loft indefinitely.

None of my studies really proved of much relevance to my work – except some of the statistical deviations in A-Level Mathematics I suppose – so it seems daft to worry about keeping hold of it.  Probably the most compelling artefacts were those that offered a nugget into the friendships (or otherwise!) blossoming at the time – with musings, graffiti, drawings and often flagrant abuse adorning many of my book covers.

So there you have it, over a decade and a half of education and the most compelling things to keep are those snatched moments of creativity or evidence of socialising (or teenage boyish insulting, more often than not).  I did ponder how stressed I was about the preparations for a ‘Topic Talk’ about Hallowe’en that I had written for the last year of Primary School but well, meh.  Maybe I’ll look back on things that stress me out now with a similar degree of bemusement in the future.

Geography doodles - apparently I was also easily distracted at school!

At some point I’ll have a proper scan through the bits and pieces I decided to keep hold of, including a manual for a rudimentary piece of Acorn Archimedes software I wrote in BASIC for my GCSE in Computer Science unfeasibly called ‘Rastabase‘!!

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5 thoughts on “School’s out forever..

  1. Wow, a carrier bag from Ford’s – The Family Store!

    • Fords!
      It’s the Family Store!
      Where ya money buys more!

      Ah, the hours I seem to remember spending in Fords on Mapperley Top hanging my nose over the toys at the back of the leftmost aisle 🙂

      • We had a little one in Wollaton, but there was a bigger one in Beeston which used to intimidate me a little, just by virtue of being the same stuff, but more of it…

  2. I remember wanting something and I’d been saving pocket money up and had finally got enough, got it to the counter at the front and counted through my coppers with the cashier only to come up a couple of pence short…

    … nasty cow didn’t let me get away with it either! I was gutted! Can’t remember what it was either, it seemed very important at the time, though!

    I liked how Fords always had the surfaces then those mysterious drawers underneath – it wasn’t clear whether the drawers were for customers to browse within or whether they were just locations for back up stock!

  3. I’m just eating my porridge reading your notes about fords on mapperley top when I realised the bowl I am eating out of came from there it must be 20 plus years old never realised before how old it is I collected quite a bit of bottom braw stuff from there when I was in my teens now I’m in my mid 40s time for a clear out me thinks

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