When we popped to see Mum and Dad a couple of days prior to Ma’s birthday they were in the midst of a garage clear-out.  One of the things being cleared out was an intriguing boxed instrument called a Revealer.  After scouring a sparsely populated internet about the subject it turns out to be a rather magnificent solution to dowsing, a subject I have at least dabbled with in the past.  I suspect this one was originally used to seek out pipes and things rather than the ley lines I was seeking, though!

I duly took it away to find out more about it – I found the British Society of Dowsers forum and posted on there, as they had discussed Revealers in the past.  I was greeted with the news that as a possessor of an original set of instructions that probably made me the expert on the forum regarding this particular device.  D’oh!  So I’ve scanned in those instructions (well, I’ve used my phone to made a PDF file of them using the camera) and included a link below.

The ‘Water Detection’ Paragraph is a bit damaged by a tear – so I’ve typed out the details of that section here – I had wondered what the corked glass tubes were for in the box, mystery solved!  The small metal ring that just fits over the cylinders remains a mystery, though.


When the operator approaches the water course, the indicator rods will move towards each other as in figures 1 and 2 of the general operating instructions.  The rods will begin to move outwards, as in figure 7, when the operator is quite close to the position of the water, and when they are fully extended the operator is directly over the point of location.  Water is identified by holding a tube full of water and the void sample on the mineral bracket to the right-hand detector cylinder.  The presence of water in pipes cannot be detected.

I’m quite tempted to give it a road test when I get the chance to see whether it works or not – I’m particularly intrigued by the mineral bracket – which looks like a hand-guard that fits over the right hand cylinder.  Basically upon detecting something if you return to that spot gripping one of the minerals on the bracket (they’re on an elasticated type fitting) then the detection shouldn’t ‘work’ – helping you work out the composition of whatever it is you have detected.

Here’s ‘The Revealer’ in all its’ glory, which was proudly distributed by J. C. Oliver (Leeds) Limited.  Indeed, they were the sole distributor.  They had clearly moved premises around the time this one was made as there’s an amendment to their address on the instructions – it might help date it, if anyone out there knows when they moved from 28 York Place to David Little House.  Whenever it was, they didn’t have postcodes and phone numbers only had five digits!

The Revealer

And here is a link to the instructions in PDF form.

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141 thoughts on “‘Revealer’ations…

  1. Tony Podmore

    We have found this website very interesting. We also have a original boxed Revealer with all instructions in tact and in perfect condition.

    • Awesome! I must admit I’ve found out little else about mine since posting this blog post!

    • chadd


      i’m looking for this revealer i would like to know it cost and from where you are.

      thank you.

      • Hi Chadd, I sold the revealer some time ago after this post was first published. Best I can advise is to keep an eye on eBay!

  2. Liz

    I wish I had found your blog a while ago. JC Oliver was my grandfather. My dad worked for him and told me about demonstrating the Revealer. Sadly dad passed away recently so his knowledge is gone forever.

    • Oh wow, thanks for posting Liz and my condolences.

      I’ve not succeeded in discovering much more about the Revealer since this post, sadly – it’s a lovely thing though 🙂

    • Sandria Pickering

      Hi Liz! Whilst trying to find information about J.C. Oliver (Leeds) Ltd. I came upon your comment about being the granddaughter of J.C.Oliver. My Dad worked there from leaving school in 1936. If we are talking about the same person l would love to have information from you. I will not go into more detail…in case you don’t get this message as it’s a long time since your post, and in case it’s not the same man. The company if it’s the same, was based in Clarence Road Hunslet and sold agricultural equipment and my Dad became Parts and Spares Manager. I hope to hear from you, but won’t hold my breathe!!
      Kind regards from Sandria Pickering

      • Liz


        Great to hear from you. Grandad did sell agricultural machinery amongst other things. Sadly he died in 1957, before I was born. My dad has also passed away. I believe that we have some of the company paperwork at my Mother’s house.
        Happy to have direct contact if you want –

  3. paul

    I have a revealer too – sadly without the badge.
    I find it really useful to demonstrate dowsing at my dowsing meetings
    Anyone help me find one?

  4. Pete

    Hi, I have just been given a Revealer complete with badge, 1 glass tube and all the components in the box with the instructions. I have tried it and it seemed to work ok. It was my Dads in the 1960s or 1970s, then got passed onto my Uncle (Dads brother). My uncle has recently passed away so it has come back to me.

    My Dad was into metal detecting and using also this device to find buried items. The address of J C Oliver shop is shown as 7 East Parade, Leeds 1 on the instructions.

  5. paulgerry@hotmail.co.uk

    Would you like to sell it Pete?

  6. Liz

    If anyone is serious about selling, I would be interested. It would mean a lot to have one back in the family.
    I did ask my mum if she remembered anything about the revealer. She said she thought my dad was in business with someone called Frobisher at the time. It was a long time ago though! I think my dad continued to sell them after JC Oliver was wound up after Grandad Oliver died.
    Liz Mills (nee Oliver)

    • Hi Liz,

      Unfortunately (well, for you) I found a really happy home for my Revealer in exchange for a donation to the Parrot Zoo so I no longer have it. I just had a look on eBay and couldn’t find one on there either – I hope one turns up for you.



  7. Michael Caswell

    I would be interested in purchasing a Revealer. If you have one for sale please contact me.

  8. Liz

    Hi, please can I be considered in any negotiations? The J C Oliver in the company name was my grandad. My dad used to demonstrate them.

  9. I have actually made over 2 dozen of these Revealers. I met Mr Veale in Kingskerswell many years ago and bought her entire inventory of 20 machines. I sold them all and then started making them. It was a very labor intensive effort, involving a lot of machining, plating etc.

    I somehow lost my original Revealer in my travels around the world and that is why iIm looking for an original

  10. Sandy Edwards

    Please be very careful with this equipment, the basket shaped item that clips onto the handle, contains samples of different materials, one of them is ASBESTOS. If you have a Revealer, DO NOT touch this with your bare skin, wrap it in sellotape to seal the surface, or take it off and keep it in a sealed packet. Herbert Weaver wrote a book all about using the Revealer, can’t remeber the title though? but it is available on Amazon, just search using the authors name.

    • Asbestos fibres are usually inhaled, not absorbed through the skin. If you’re worried about it, just seal it with some water based paint.
      The book is called ‘Divining, the Primary Sense’. by Herbert Weaver

      Some of it is a little far fetched, but interesting.

      • Paul Gerry

        I also have the book which makes interesting reading. I must cover the asbestos tube !

    • Kate McVicar

      Divining the Primary Sense

      • Mark Shepherd

        Why did you suddenly post that, Kate? I haven’t seen any posts on here for quite a while.

        I haven’t been using my “Revealer” but would welcome comments from anyone who has, regarding how to well it works (or doesn’t) for them. It’s a fascinating subject!

      • Paul

        I have 3 revealers – no worries about the witness pipes as there is no dust and you aren’t breathing them in.

      • Mark Shepherd

        Yes, but has anyone actually used it? Does it work?

  11. David Hollander

    I would be interested in buying yours and the book if you are willing to part with ithem Paul. I would happily pay you a fair price!

  12. belovedmightyiampresence

    I would give you a fair price for your Revealer Paul Gerry. Are you still interested in selling it?

  13. Cliff

    I have a Revealer I would be willing to sell. It is complete, in box along with all the bits and pieces and badge. One piece of one of the arms is missing a ball bearing and consequently does not lock in place but this does not affect it’s performance.

    • belovedmightyiampresence

      How much do you want for the Revealer?
      David Hollander
      Marfa, TX

    • belovedmightyiampresence

      I am interested.
      Please send me an email with the price.
      David Hollander
      Marfa, TX

    • Paul

      Would you sell me the badge ? I have been searching for it for many years to use with the relevealer ?

    • PM me please mjcaswell at me dot com

      • Paul

        I have the book upstairs, I’ll take it out and re-read it.

    • Charbel

      Hello Cliff
      I would like to ask if you still have the revealer dowser,
      Please mail me

    • Charbel

      Dear cliff
      Do you still have the revealer dowser for sale?

      • Someone said there was a ball bearing missing on the connector on one wand. If you can find a ball bearing to fit the hole, fill it with silicone and gently press the bearing into it so it is still sticking out. That will be easier than trying to find the tiny spring that was behind the original bearing. Even then, you’d have to peen over the edge of the hole, which really needs a special tool.

    • Peter

      Hello cliff do you still have the revealer?
      If yes please email me.

  14. The Revealer was invented by Herbert Weaver after seeing a man named Veel (or Veal) dousing for construction companies, I think in Cornwall. When Veal died consrtuction excavation costs went up so Weaver tried to create a mechanical amplifier to continue the work. He ended up becoming an authority on what he called V-rays, and used them to locate missing persons at sea for the British Coast Guard, track the flights of birds (using a dropped feather), all sorts of things. He found v-ray would emanate from photographs as well. His work came to light when discussed by his son, Mike Weaver, then head of the Arts Council of GB’s photography committee and a professor at Oxford. The book is fascinating. I met Herbert only once, at his small apartment on the south coast (was it Brighton?) It was his laboratory, protected from intruding v-rays with x’s on all the walls (as he’d found a cross or an x blocked the emanations). Hope this is of interest.

    • That’s not quite correct. Herbert Weaver was an associate of Lawrence Veale. Veale invented the Re-Veale-r. I met Mr Veale’s wife and purchased all her remaining inventory, so I have this information first hand.

      How Weaver got into the mix, I’m not sure any more, maybe there’s an explanation in his book, ‘Divining, The Primary Sense’.

      • Happy to be corrected. I had the impression that Weaver was the one experimenting with all the different windings of the copper wire for maximum amplification and the bearings for the wands to rotate, then testing various substances in conjunction. What I related was what I thought I recalled of the story I was told when I visited Weaver, but cold well have remembered incorrectly. He certainly was passionate in pursuit of the possibilities. Perhaps Veale invented the Re-Veale-R but Weaver surely took it a lot further. I never met Veale. Glad to know someone has the inventory (weren’t some give to libraries?) What happens to it all from here on?

      • I’ve made many Revealers from scratch, and identical to Lawrence Veale’s design, and I’m not sure where you got the copper windings idea from.

        I think Weaver imagined things that weren’t always there. I’ll stick to Veale’s more practical approach.

        I sold the remaining 20-30 units I purchased from Mrs Veale over 30 years ago.

      • What I was told re. this is that copper wire is wound around a core (I’d guess inside what might be called the handles) to amplify the v-ray signal, with considerable trial and error required to find just the right number of windings to be most effective. So, is none of that relevant? Imagining things which aren’t there is what many would say negatively about dousing generally and what some might say positively about scientists and visionaries; Weaver had a lot of interesting ideas worth further investigation (and was able to demonstrate several quite practical applications).

      • There is no copper wire winding inside the Revealer handle. You were fed a red herring. Try to look by taking the handle apart and you will be unpleasantly surprised, as the gadget is loaded with springs that propel all the parts out of the tube to scatter all over the floor. My father (an engineer) and I destroyed two units doing that.
        There is relevance in these parts, but Veale was the inventor, not Weaver, and from a practical point of view, I found Weaver’s observations a little far fetched.

        Having said that, I have doused Stonehenge, Woodhenge and Avebury and found the Ley lines that radiate from the structures. If I recall correctly, the main lines at Stonehenge are pointing towards Avebury, two at 8′ apart, parallel, and 8′ in the air. There are others radiating out at equal spacing around the monument.

        I found the instrument to be good at finding buried foundations of buildings, septic tanks, pipes, wires and underground cables and practical things like that, but Weaver’s theories about tracking people half way round the world etc. took some swallowing.

        These days, there are plenty of devices that use sound waves etc. to locate underground objects, and while expensive, I think they do a better job than The Revealer. It’s a neat instrument, and a great party piece, but as a commercial venture, doomed to failure these days.

      • The revealer detailed here originally lived in an Estates Department for an NHS authority – it was being thrown out when my Dad rescued it but was originally used for locating pipes or other building maintenance type tasks 🙂

      • gingerleefrank

        Yeah, don’t care for herring.

    • Hey I knew Herbert Weaver and know Mike Very well. I had a bit of training as a young boy.

  15. Liz

    I’m happy to say that I have been given a Revealer for Christmas! It was sold in a box of random objects then put up for sale. I can’t believe that I’ve finally got my hands on one, with Grandad Oliver’s plate on the box.

    • Paul

      That’s great – I can’t remember if you said you know how to dowse, but if not and are in Devon I could help ?

      • Liz

        That’s very kind but, unfortunately, I’m a Yorkshire woman exiled in Leicestershire

    • From across the Pond I too congratulate you on obtaining a Revealer (Re-Veal-r), Liz, and with your granddad’s plate as well. Experiment with it. I was shown many applications when I visited Weaver with a girlfriend. For instance, we did an experiment in which a blade of grass was snapped off after which we returned to Weaver’s “lab” (flat), then let the Revealer take us back to the field and matched up the two bits. More than needle-in-a-haystack stuff. As my girlfriend and I were lovers, and also both photographers who had photographed each other, Weaver claimed there would be V-ray connections between not only our bodies but the film in our cameras. He scanned the link between us with various minerals, then announced one of us had a calcium deficiency and likely bone trouble. I knew this was in fact true of my girlfriend but neither of us said a word, so he scanned v-ray connections between my camera and her and her camera and me and asserted she was the one with the problem and should see a physician. He had Xs on the walls of his apartment, because he’d found the cross shape blocked v-rays entirely so he could experiment freely. The herringbone shape of fish skeletons or birds’ feathers amplified v-rays down their length (which he claimed explained migratory return to nests in cliff faces from thousands of miles away). He was building pyramid models and said v-rays circulated inside them without eminating from them, becoming very strong (but was unaware of earlier studies on pyramids, for example preserving fruit, etc.) And he was featured holding a Revealer on the cover of a publication which I believe was called The Coast Guarder in which he had demonstrated from two different coast guard stations an ability to triangulate and locate a missing person at sea using fingernail clippings from their home. The potential possibilities seemed endless (even if considered “far fetched” by many). I don’t wish to discout them simply because I can’t explain them or can conceive how they could be possible. Doing so would also discount dousing altogether, no?

      • I heard of these sorts of things too, but mainly from Lawrence Veale’s wife.

        I’ve doused Stonehenge, so if you get a chance to go there, try finding the Ley lines. You’ll know them when you find them, they almost shake the Revealer out of your hands.

      • I knew Herbert Weaver and know Mike Weaver. As a child Herbert showed me how the revealer worked. Has anyone got one? I would like to start investigating this again.


    • I’ll help you too, just swing over to New York! 🙂

      learned a lot about this when I was selling them.

      Happy Christmas!

  16. Paul Gerry

    Ok – if need any help I have a v good friend in Yorkshire

  17. chadd


    i’m looking for this releaver dowsing rods do please let me know from where i can buy it.

    thank you.

  18. Nicholas Challacombe

    Great set of discussions, having unearthed a Revealer today which I used extensively in the early 60’s in my work as an Engineer on Roads and Sewers. No badge in the box or glass tubes but otherwise perfect condition. I was not the first user as it was passed down to me as I climbed the promotion ladder. Put away over 40 years ago and saw the light of day today. It was used today to locate a water pipe.
    Nick Challacombe

  19. Are there any Revealers up for sale?

  20. Jim

    I have a boxed revealer made by JC Oliver. I worked as a civil engineer for the railway for 42 years, and found mine in a cupboard of the former District Civil Engineer’s office in Irvine. The building was being demolished and the revealer would probably have been lost forever.

    It does work, although the box is a bit shabby, however I’m in the process of refurbishing it, as a fabulous example of times gone by.

  21. Jim

    I read the book ‘Divining the Primary Sense’ written by Herbert Weaver……..clearly, the scribbling of a madman…….

    • Yes indeed there are some crazy notions there, but I did discover that the little square broach did actually work most of the time to block our signals.

    • I knew Herbert Weaver and know Mike Weaver, not mad at all, both highly educated and masters of their fields

      • It was Mike Weaver who pointed me to his father’s research. And, yes, both men were fascinating human beings to me. Herbert probably did seem like a madman to many, but not to Mike nor to me. I have no doubt that he was on to something(s) extraordinary, just too far ahead of the curve to be recognized and without the financial support to gain the visibility which could have enabled that recognition. How’s/what’s Mike doing these days, Superhandland?

      • Mike is OK, I saw him last week. He is family to me, do you work with the revealer? might I know you? Mike

      • gingerleefrank

        Mike, I knew Mike Weaver during his time as Chair of the Photography Committee for the Arts Council of Great Britain, when I too lived in the UK, some 40 years ago. Once he bravely gave a lecture at the ICA (for Bill Jay’s Photography Study Centre, which I helped to run) in which he discussed his father’s research into emanations from photographs, which lead me to Sussex (I believe it was) to spend a fascinating afternoon with Herbert Weaver. Please give him my best. – William

      • are you the electric acupuncture Fluxus collector person he used to mention a lot ?

  22. Jim

    Obviously there are more things in heaven and earth than dreamt of in our philosophy Horatio…….

  23. Paul

    If you believe the broach will work then it will. This is the Ideomotor effect.

    • There are many notions which have seemed crazy to most people when first encountered, such as the very idea of using the Revealer to douse for and locate things which can’t be seen or seem to just not be there. I think much of what Weaver researched could prove to have basis and application… just my opinion.

      • And you could be right. As an example, I have shown people how to use the revealer (and coat hangers) and they haven’t been able to get it to work, but when I place my hand on their shoulder the ‘art’ seems to pass to them. ‘Divine’ interference?

      • Paul

        Absolutely – believe and it will happen

        Ideomotor effect

        Ideomotor actions are unconscious, involuntary motor movements that are performed by a person because of prior expectations, suggestions or preconceptions.

        The classic example is that of dowsing. Dowsers usually hold their rods out in front of them so that they are parallel. When they come across whatever it is they are trying to detect (usually water), the rods will cross over at that point.

        A complete novice who is told that water is beneath the ground at a certain point will find that as they cross the point, their dowsing rods will deflect or cross. This is because they know where the point is and they subconsciously move their hands slightly, which crosses the rods.

        The important point to stress is that this is done unconsciously. The person who is crossing the rods does not realise that they are themselves doing it; in fact, it feels as if some external force is acting upon the rods, which makes the experience even more powerful.

        This can be shown to be ideomotor action by:

        Blinding the test subject as to where the water is. They perform no better than chance at dowsing water if they don’t know where it is beforehand.

        Suggesting to the test subject that water lies in a certain place: perhaps with a false demonstration. It is found that if they believe water to be present, the dowsing rods will cross whether water is there or not. This shows that it is the preconception that causes the effect and not the presence of water.

      • The one thing that Lawrence Veale said his instrument would not detect was – water. I think he said it registered the void where the water was.

  24. Paul

    The Revealer is still a great instrument when giving a lecture or workshop on dowsing ! Wish I could find the badge as it is missing in mine

    • It’s easy enough to make one. Any metal cross will work. Veale used two paperclips crossed over, and if you look at the badge it’s outline is very similar.
      And now one can delve into the occult maybe? Crosses, Ley Lines, force fields. Interesting stuff.

      • Paul

        Or even not making one but believe you have one – then the power lines won’t affect the dowsing. One famous Dowser couldn’t Dowse when wearing wellies until one day he forgot he was wearing them and was dowsing as he usually did. I convinced a Dowser that he couldn’t Dowse whilst wearing a tinfoil cap !

    • gingerleefrank

      I too recall that water was said to register simply as “void”. The basis of the blocking effect of v-rays was the shape of the x more than the material. Weaver found that a lower case typewriter “x” blocked more than a yard’s circumference (while a fishbone or feather shape amplified). I began to think about priests wearing large cruxifixes and Crusaders’ shields sheilding more than arrows and sword blows. I hope someone else takes up the research.

      • Lawrence Veale simply used two paper clips crossed over each other. This one done absented mindedly as he was figuring out a problem. He then found the Revealer was working correctly.

        So I’d suggest just making one. I don’t have one, but perhaps someone could post a photo of theirs.

      • Philip Cooper

        Sorry Not sure what you mean exactlyBeing a chef I do find fish bones irritating too Though.  Philip Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

      • gingerleefrank

        It’s the herringbone shape that bird feathers and leaves also exhibit which he said amplify the V-rays along their axis rather than blocking them as does the X shape. He believed it’s the secret to migrating birds’ ability to travel enormous distances yet return to the same exact spot to nest, not some sort of celestial navigation.

  25. Mark Shepherd

    Great comments! Very interesting. I am keen to try dowsing and bought a Revealer on ebay last year (cost £62 plus postage). Still learning how to use it!

    If anyone wants to post their results of using the Revealer then that would be very helpful.

    I think we are all part of a very exclusive and unusual club!!!

    Does anyone know how many original Revealers were made and sold?

  26. I received a Revealer a few weeks ago that I purchased online. The box is branded Notts CC Highways Dept.
    It’s in reasonable shape, needs the box lacquering and the metal straps and hinges polishing. I don’t have the cross, but I seldom used that.

    The shipping was a bit high from the UK to the USA, but at least I have an original machine again.

    I’m working on making a less expensive model, if anyone is interested.

    • Mark Shepherd

      Hi Mike. Is it known about in US? How did you find out about it? Have you ever used it?

      • If you scroll back in this blog, you’ll see an article I wrote.
        Also go to http://www.moonrakers.com/revealer

      • Mark Shepherd

        Thanks Mike. I see that you’re a “weel-kent face” on the blog and must know more about these than anyone else. Do you know if they are still in “commercial” use today in UK or USA?

      • “weel-kent face” I must have been out of the country for too long, because I have no idea what this means! Is it that north country dialect that I have trouble with! 🙂
        Translation please.

      • Mark Shepherd

        Well kenned (or kent) – Scottish form of “well known” from the Scots to “ken” someone (to know them). You are well known on the thread/blog. And very knowledgeable too!

      • I bought the remaining inventory i=from Mrs Veale, about 40 units. She lived in Kingkerswell Devon.

        I sold them all except for about 6, which I brought to the USA. Then I made about 40 units and sold them all. It’s a complicated business. I need motivating!

      • if anyone has one available I would pay what you want plus shipping. I can remember how Herbert Weaver used his and what other equipment he used to refine the signals. It has all stayed in my head since being a young boy..

    • Jerry Smith

      Hello, I would like to know about your new model? I have an original and know many who would like to have one….


    • Mike

      Do you have any revealers for sale ? I am desperate to find one?


  27. charbel

    I’m welling to buy the revealer in a good price if anyone interested just email me please .

    • Mark Shepherd

      Not selling mine, Charbel. Took a long time to find one!

      Has anyone any experience of using theirs?????

  28. Philip cooper

    Hi I have had one of these for years I new what it was as my grandfather used it in the roads, What the success rate was i am not sure . It looks all ok and it came from JC Oliver. Any offers within reason would be considered.

  29. Ray Robinson

    Hi all. My wife collects medical instruments and equipment. She acquired ‘The Revealer’ recently and research showed it not to be medical (never seen one before!). Therefore if anyone is interested she is currently selling it on eBay here


    Free collection or £10 postage from Worcester.

    If of no interest apologies (found this blog whilst trying to find out what the instrument was)

    Ray R

  30. Paul

    How much are you willing to pay for a boxed revealer ?

    • I don’t know 80-90 pounds ?

      • Paul

        Sorry – I paid more than that for it several years ago. It was used by the Groundsman at Kenwood House

      • Mark Shepherd

        The last one I saw for sale sold on ebay about 4 months ago for about £135. I think the purchaser would have gone much higher – although it did have the quite rare badge included.

        I would say that with the increasing rarity value they are currently worth about £130 to £180 without the badge and about £150 to £200 with the badge.

        However in terms of what can be achieved with them, they are worth a whole lot more! I would not be surprised if they were reaching up to £500 in the future. Quite unique!

  31. yes I would be prepared to pay 200 for one, if anyone can help?


    • Paul

      I will think about it

      • Thanks Paul , I would love to start working on Herbert Weavers ideas again, its very important. If there is anything you want more let me know . Im happy to hook up so you don’t have to bother with postage.

      • Charbel

        Hello Paul
        If you still want to sell it , please mail me

  32. Anyone got a complete Revealer set, I’m willing to give 300 pounds.

  33. Well if somebody wants to let go of one It would be great for someone to say what they really wanted instead of them no being used, there are people out here who want to take up the practice..

  34. Victor

    I feel shy coming in as a newby onto this forum so many years after it started so please be gentle with me.
    I recently aquired a Revealer kit. Missing from it were the glass sample holders (I’ve acquired replacements) and the the brown ring (it lies between the two handles on Alan’s photograph).
    Does anyone know the exact dimensions of that ring and what it’s made of?
    Also Alan’s photo shows 10 samples strung between beads on the samples holder. However there are only 8 in mine (with half of them the holding string has broken but a large no of beads are lying lose in the box).
    The samples I do have appear to be:
    *steel (a bit rusty)
    *some sort of ceramic
    Would anybody know what the two mising samples were?
    Thanks .

    • Don’t be shy you’re very welcome! I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to any of your questions but hopefully other subscribers do!


    • Peter

      Helo vector ,
      First I hope your fine and safe from this world disaster virus and I hope all this group member are safe.
      I apologise for my question.
      Can I ask you how and from where did you get your revealer kit , I’m very interested in buying this device.
      Thanks a lot , stay safe.

  35. I think mine is as per the original, in the same order.

    1. Aluminum
    2 zinc
    3 Asbestos (fatter & white)
    4 Iron
    5. Plastic (clear)

    6. Just beads – ceramic -clay pipe
    7 copper
    8. Carbon
    9.lead (rolled strip)
    10. Tin

    I’m pretty sure that the book ‘Divining The Primary Sense’ by Herbert Weaver, has these listed. I’ll see if I can find mine and look.

    • Victor

      Thank you very much Mike.

      I do have a just beads sample (I thought it was a reconstituted set of beads without a sample!). So all I’m probably missing is either zinc/tin and carbon.
      I did go through my copy of “Divining the Primary Sense” but did not find a listing of samples – I’ll have another look.

      Thank you once again very much for taking the time to help.


      • The carbon could be a piece of charcoal. the zinc will ‘fizz’ if you clean it with some wire wool and drop some acid on it – say battery acid or vinegar. The battery will be quite violent, so wash it off thoroughly as soon as it fizzes.

        I never had a use for carbon, nor went tin mining in Cornwall! 🙂

      • Victor

        I suppose carbon could be used to find diamonds? A diamond is just a lump of carbon with “A” levels.

        Although it’s unhygenic, I think I will try just tasting the zinc. For me at least, it has a very distinctive taste as do most metals.

        Thank you once again.

  36. Peter

    Hello All, I hope all of you are safe.
    I would like to ask if any of you have a revealer for sale , please contact me on my email.
    Many thanks and stay safe.

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