Jailbreakage for iPhone 4

I was quite excited by the jailbreak when it was announced, then it didn’t work.  Of course, I love my iPhone 4 just as it is, but the temptation to unleash whatever things Apple might not want unleashing is always tempting to me for some reason.

Sadly the demand for the website ‘jailbreakme.com’ meant that my initial attempts weren’t a success – however, thank to Pip I followed the steps below with first time success, so if you’re struggling – give the following steps a try:

  1. Close the tab in Safari of the jailbreak page
  2. Exit Safari
  3. Go to Settings -> Safari -> Accept Cookies
  4. change Accept Cookies to ALWAYS
  5. Go back one menu step and click on “Clear Cookies” and “Clear Cache”
  6. Go back into Safari and go to jailbreakme.modmyi.com

Ah, Cydia, how I’ve missed thee.  Rather sadly, my number one reason for jailbreaking is to have the five icon dock again!

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