Apple case programme for iPhone 4..

I was pleasantly surprised today, upon receiving an email from Apple with details of the free App they just released to handle ‘Case Gate’.  I was just expecting to see a few bumpers in there, which I didn’t really want – but naturally would’ve ordered anyway, since it was free.  Actually there’s a choice of eight, including a black bumper – although this is subject to change.

The bumper obviously only protects the sides of the device – and also renders it largely incompatible with docks and mounts, plus it looks a bit naff.  The other offerings seem to offer at least three-side covering, and after a bit of careful research (read: clicking the first very useful link I found upon Googling) I’ve opted for a Speck Pixelskin HD case.

A fairly sizeable drawback is the shipping estimate of 2-3 months – of course, I don’t really need the case, I’ve not had the ‘death grip’ problem and he addition of a Gelaskin to my phone should eliminate most of the risk of that anyway, but imagine if people are suffering from signal loss – 2-3 months to solve it?  that’s really not very clever for them!

“Yeah, sorry your phone doesn’t work properly, we’ll send you something to fix it in 3 months time.”  Hmm. Not good.  That said, I do think the zeal with which the media, non-iPhone owners and owners of old iPhone have jumped upon Jobs & co regarding this is laughable.  There have been a minuscule number of people complaining of issues compared to those of us who are still delighting in the awesomeness of iPhone 4.

Pretty much the same you’d find with any other new device launch.  Microsoft calling it ‘Apple’s Vista’ is overly harsh, then again, I’m writing this post on a laptop sporting Vista too… maybe I just have a soft-spot for maligned devices or operating systems?  Whilst I prefer Windows 7 which we have on our Desktop upstairs, Vista ain’t so bad once you disable all the memory-hogging pointlessness.

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