iPhone phwoar!

Okay, despite the previous post I have (as anyone who has had any contact with me will undoubtedly be aware!) end up with an iPhone 4.  And I love it.  A lot.  Before you even use thing thing it just feels nice.  It apparently weighs the same as a 3GS but it feels more solid, with metal and glass rather than plastic it takes the things I really liked about the original iPhone and makes them better.

The press seem to have picked up on the mysterious ‘death grip’ which is something that I’ve not really experienced, although it’s true I have a poor O2 reception at home (considering getting a repeater to boost it – anyone got experience of these?), so more testing will perhaps bear that out some more, but I always had a low signal strength at home on my old iPhones too, so that’s nothing new with this one.

It’s a LOT faster than my poor old 3G, which is now sitting forlornly in an Envirophone bag waiting to be sent away for some cash, and I’m loving the new features – although as yet, because of it only being available on iPhone 4 and whilst on a WIFI connection, I’ve yet to have any ‘Facetime’ with anyone (unfortunately the port it uses is blocked on our work WIFI system).  So that’s something to look forward to, if nothing else because of the innuendo that naturally follows saying ‘Facetime’!!

iPhone OS4 is a big improvement – the pseudo-multitasking might not please the purists, but functionally it works really well, and the ability to but stuff into folders – which has been doable via jailbreaking for ages – is long overdue by Apple.  All in all, very happy – I’ll be happier when my new Gelaskin arrives so I can make the thing as hermetically sealed as possible to limit scratches!

It’s also encouraged me to revisit the AppStore a bit more, which I’d neglected somewhat of late – for those in a similar boat, check out FaceSwap which is really clever – to think how long I used to spend Photoshopping people’s heads onto things, it really is amazing..  I’m currently undecided over the jailbreaking question, I imagine as time goes on I’ll be lured back into it but currently don’t have too much of an urge to go unlegit.

In other exciting news, my brother Rich has proposed to Em and she accepted – this deed apparently took place during the final throes of the Flaming Lips performance at Glastonbury.  Of course, I now need to know the likely speed of events since Rich has also done me the tremendous honour of asking me to be his best man.  Gulp.  At least I can be confident that he won’t schedule anything to clash with the footy!

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