There’s snow business like snow business..

I’ve had a ‘snow day’ today – luckily (or unluckily depending on your outlook) I’ve got a fair bit of stuff I can do in a mobile capacity at the moment, so I’ve had a bash at that.  I had initially set out to try to make it to work, my ingenius plan of heading up to the main road backfired though when I found myself in the highest point of Eastern Nottinghamshire and unable to get down any of the hills, even the major ones.

Fortunately that happens to be flat to where the parentals dwell – so I took refuge there with Mum’s laptop until the roads had been sorted out, and also got to take the dogs out to the park which is always nice, and look slightly jealously at the kids sledging in Digby Park – I’m sure we used to get a bit more speed out of our sledges though.  Seeing people improvising with big plastic sheets and inflatables designed for water was good though – indeed, it’s just nice to see people out and about having fun with one another.

After some bonus cottage pie Dad was making, the roads were passable enough for me to head back home this afternoon, and on with finishing off the stuff I was working on – it’s actually really good to not have folks interrupting you and just getting a few bits and pieces finished off.  According to the BBC we shouldn’t be expecting any further snow tomorrow, which is good – so I should be able to make it into the office – which is a bonus, as I’m meant to be moving my stuff to my new/old desk!

Right, back to work – at home.  Oddness.  I don’t think I could get into working at home regularly – it’s a bit like “Hmm, you’re doing something normal, somewhere normal, but it’s not normal” – or something like that anyway.  I know what I mean!

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