So yeah, I’ve been busy.  Actually, that’s not strictly true – well, it is – but should I have really fancied updating bloggage then it really wouldn’t have been even vaguely beyond the realms of possibility.  Not at all.

House is less building-site like, the bathroom however is a definite work-in-progress.  We have a working bath and toilet, and a very enticing looking shower enclosure/wetroom area which is not particularly close to completion – I’m looking forward to that.

Downstairs is grand though, pre-Christmas painting kind of ground to a halt, so there’s finishing up to be done, although I’m tempted to see how the finances sit when we’ve finished bathrooming to see if we can ‘get a man in’ to finish off the fiddly bits, as I’m rubbish at painting.

Thanks to Andy and Kat I was compelled to buy a Wii, which I then proceeded to hack, meaning I have more games than I know what to do with – but Mario Kart is king, although I have also acquired a Wii Fit, which I am also enjoying.  It perhaps explains the lack of blog activity!

Work’s been pretty busy too; I’m moving roles and have been busy with handing over stuff and helping my existing team with a few things – but ‘the move’ should take place next week, which naturally I’m looking forward to.  What with having no shower at home, post-football visits to Mum & Dad’s to get freshened up takes up a chunk of time too.

The other thing that consumes time is Forest – thanks to LTLF folks I’ve inadvertantly ended up going to loads more away games than I probably would have anticipated going to!

Ho hum!  Two updates today, more than I managed in all of January!

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