Is this the most sinister advert ever?

Now, I ain’t no prude… quite the opposite in general – but this advert popped on to telly the other night and flummoxed me completely.  It’s disturbing.  Disturbing and wrong.  Isn’t it?  This is actually the French version, but the one I saw was pretty much the same.

In other news I spent around 20 hours frantically turning the house upside down because I thought I’d lost Rich‘s season ticket, which I’ve taken charge of whilst he’s busy in between Russia and Mongolia (with no car now!)… it transpires that it had somehow fallen from the chest of drawers upon which it was residing, and ended up lodged between two of the drawers.  The only way I discovered this was a last ditch desperate measure of taking the back off the chest of drawers.

Forest, being the customer-centric robbing bastards that they are, would have made me (or Rich, but obviously I would have paid him!) pay for the full cost of the season ticket (less one game, as I wouldn’t have told them ’til after tomorrow) had it been lost.  Most other clubs just charge a nominal administrative fee, which is fair enough.  Robbing bastards.

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