I saw a sparrow hawk today!

Today I awoke to a strange noise; concerned that we were being burgled I stagged upright from my slumbers, and looked out the spare bedroom window – which was kind of wear the noise was coming from – only to find what I believe to be a female Sparrow Hawk looking up at me from the flat roof outside the window, having just felled what looked like a Dove from the feathers scattered around.

Something like the scene I encountered this morning, but our bird had lost its kill!

Something like the scene I encountered this morning, but our bird had lost its' kill!

She was looking at me, the yellow eyes enabling me to identify the type of bird more easily.  Just as I was reaching for my phone to try to get a picture, she was startled and flew off.  It was this point that I noticed I couldn’t actually see the body of the kill, so whether it was actually a smaller bird the hawk could take away with her, or whether the unlucky Dove had managed to escape, I can’t be sure.  Even if so, I can’t imagine the poor Dove lasted much longer given the number of feathers that had been scattered.

It’s quite exciting to have a bit of real life wildlife shenanigans going on on our very doorstep!  Even if I was too slow with my phone to get a proper picture of it!

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