iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking..

I’ve had a mentality change to technologies; using a pre-hosted blogging platform like WordPress was one of the starts of it – having an iPhone and not immediately trying to hack into it was another… I guess as I get older I’m happier having things that are ‘locked down’ to an extent, in favour of them just kinda working without any hassles.

As we know, the iPhone is locked to o2’s network by default (or AT&T in America) – and since I have a contract with o2, that never really bothered me.  It was also locked to prevent the installation of third party applications, or access to the file systems with the exception of the photos in your Camera Roll when you plugged it in via USB.  Ostensibly to limit the option to copy your music from the device, but also I guess to prevent too much hacking around in the file system that will make it break.

Upon upgrading to the 3g iPhone, I opted to experiment on my old one – partly out of interest, and partly because I’d already arranged to rehome it with somebody who wanted to use it on another network – so it needed unlocking at least.  I also decided I would ‘jailbreak’ it (enable the ability to install third party applications on it) via the Installer.app program.  Upon having a chat with somebody at work, he pointed me towards this website to download the latest version of ZiPhone.

There’s really nothing more to say.  As I type, it won’t unlock the new iPhone nor an old one upgraded with the 2.0 firmware.  But anything up to 1.14 will work just fine – there’s no point in posting instructions as it is so simple to use it’s untrue – plug in your iPhone, open iTunes (reject any offers to upgrade to 2.0!!), open ZiPhone and press the button ‘Do it all!’ – this will unlock the phone for use on other networks, it will ‘jailbreak’ it, activate it and install ‘installer.app’ which is effectively an illicit version of the Apps Store that Apple have just added to iTunes.

Very easy peasy indeed.  I would suggest bookmarking the link above, as I know that there is a version for the 2.0 generation of devices being worked on.

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