Car booted…

I used to be quite a fan of car boot sales as a young’un – say early to mid teens, it was an invaluable source of Amiga games and utilities if nothing else; as there’d inevitably be a stall with stacks of dodgily copied disks for sale… also it’s a great place for people watching.  The same went for the occasional foray into selling too, having a big clearout and getting rid of stuff and some banter with the fellow carbooters.

Since the advent of eBay and internet shopping / downloading I’d kind of assumed that the notion of carboot sales must’ve died somewhat; but clearly not.  As part of Rich and Ed’s Mongol Rally fundraising we took a fine and wonderous array of donations to sell to the great public of Nottingham at Colwick Racecourse – and given that it took us an hour to snake our way around the carpark to simply get into the site to set up our stall, clearly they are still very popular!

The weather helped too; immediately upon arriving, the sales team of myself, Rich, Ed, Granny and Aunty B gamefully attempted to get our stuff from the cars in some semblance of order, whilst fellow traders usually of Eastern European or Asian origin cruised around seeking mobile phones or Nintendo games – none of which we had.  It was an interesting experience to be sure; and despite having a number of things we’d tagged jokingly as ‘unsellable’ – we did manage to shift the majority of stuff we took – given that we filled two cars getting there, the fact that only the Rally Car was needed to take stuff back to the charity shop was a testament to our success.

A grand total of £124.93p profit was made; which is perhaps not that much when you consider there were five of us working full time on the stall from around 8am (7am if you include travelling time!) until around 12:30pm… and Cat joined us later too… but even so, it’s money for stuff people didn’t want, so it’s a bonus – and it was quite entertaining people watching – particularly the people who seemed compelled to buy any old crap when we introduced a ‘everything 10p’ policy, followed by an ‘everything 10p and get another thing free’ policy to try to shift more stuff.

All in all, an interesting morning – however I’m definitely not a fan of alarm clocks going off at 6:15 in the morning on a Sunday!

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