Cockatiel treats..

Shreddies are the latest flavour of the month for our cockatiels!  Since Lloyd was a bit poorly and I was basically just trying find stuff to make him eat, as he’d lost so much weight and was looking unlikely to recover…. so it started with rice, but we’ve also been working on other healthy snacks they can have too, having previous cut out any non-pellet based food for them.

But since the illness we’ve relented on this policy somewhat, although are very careful to check out the food we’re letting them have – particularly for salt content – so they’ve been having rice, sweetcorn, cereals, houmous (!), ryvita and leaves like spinach, rocket and watercress… and the benefit of them mostly eating pellets means that novelty factor of other foods gets them eating.  Cockatiels love nothing if not a novelty, they’re curious and nosey little birds.

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