Random update

Lloyd’s continuing to get better; his weight-gain has slowed a bit – and I think he may be getting bored of rice, but we’ve still got him eating plenty and he’s much more like his old self which is fantastic.  He clocked in at 96 grams today which was before any kind of major feeding – I’ve had him just over 100 grams after a troughing session, which is hopefully indicative that he’s been eating well during the day as previously his ‘pre-troughing’ weight seemed to be plateauing at 92-93 grams.

That said, 90-120 grams represents a healthy weight for a cockatiel, so he’s well into the comfort zone – but he was at the top end of the scale last time he was weighed in a fully healthy state at the vet (albeit on different scales to ours) so I’d be happier to see him up to something closer to that.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve to try to make that happen.

Having become a definite devotee of my iPhone I’ve ordered the bits and pieces I need to make it work with the car – so it will integrate with the inbuilt handsfree kit as well as provide music through the stereo.  I use my TomTom to play mp3 music but since I don’t generally need the satnav for familiar journeys, it will be good to be able to have properly portable digital music that I can then take with me to continue listening to via headphones.  So next week should be good as the bits and pieces arrive, frustratingly the disparate components have all come from different retailers so they’ll arrive in bits and pieces rather than in one all-encompassing package that will sort everything out!

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