Carlsberg don’t do weekends..

.. but if they did, it would be the weekend I’ve just had!

  • Derby confirmed as the worst ever Premier League team, as they can’t now catch the previous lowest points total of 15.
  • Forest unthinkably achieve automatic promotion thanks to a win over Yeovil Town – of all people – and the wonderful side that is Cheltenham Town beating Doncaster. This of course puts us in the Championship, and most importantly, gives us a couple of games to look forward to finally after three years in the doldrums.
  • My car passed its’ MOT without any problems at all!
  • Les-dar were today relegated to the division Forest have spent the last three years desperately trying to escape – for the first time in their history! This has made me very happy.
  • And most importantly, Lloyd has actually started putting on a bit of weight – still a way to go, but he’s looking much more like his old self, which is fantastic.

If you stretch the weekend back a bit then you could also factor in Liverpool getting knocked out of Europe too, which cheered me up no end. Could fortune be smiling upon Forest fans for the first time in, well, years?

When you consider that’s also a bank holiday weekend so there’s no work tomorrow, and it just gets better and better – it means I can stay up to watch ‘The Championship’ on ITV at 11:50 without knackering myself for work!

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5 thoughts on “Carlsberg don’t do weekends..

  1. Col

    Don’t forget the relegation of Leicester too!

  2. Fourth bullet point down, mate! πŸ˜€

  3. To cap it all off we had really nice weather on a Bank Holiday so Cat and I have been up to Newstead Abbey for a wander round the gardens!

  4. Peter

    Aye, the weather this bank holiday has been exceptional! And pardon the missing out of Leicester in your list, i’m just too damn excited about promotion!

  5. I shall forgive you, just this once. I did miss out Leeds not getting their points back, which of course would have made this weekend pretty difficult to achieve if it had gone t’other way!

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