Wanters not needers, hypocrites and cheaters, this is the news of the world…

Apparently this little gem featured on the front page of the Nottingham Evening Post today, not just made it into print, it made it on to the FRONT PAGE!! (according to an email from my esteemed sibling Rich, you see, I don’t waste my time by reading the generally rather rubbish local rag!):


11:00 – 20 August 2007

A Pensioner from West Bridgford has become the victim of an unusual type of anti-social behaviour.

Nancy Parker, 72, woke up to find potatoes and onions had been thrown at her home and were left strewn across her garden. Police are now investigating.

In one way, it makes me lament the poor standard of news gathering that goes on in these parts – but on the flipside, given how much bad press my dear home time gets for our undeserved reputation as gun crime central, it is amusing to think that the worst thing to happen in a day was some local hoodlums hurling veg at some old dear’s house.

Of course, I hope the lady in question has not had any serious mental setbacks from such an event.

What a spectacular use of police resources, too – surely they could get some of those special constable types, the ones who solve about one crime a decade each, to put some serious CSI style investigating into the great vegetable mystery? (Of course, that would involve taking a few off ‘the great cheese slice throwing mystery’ which happened at the City Ground back in 2004/2005, that has been consuming their resources*)

* Rich at least will know what I’m babbling about!

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