Headlights, white lines, black tar rivers..

I’ve had a drive-tastic week or so really.  Last week of course Cat and I headed up to sometimes-sunny Yorkshire for our falconry experience, as well as a bit of touring featuring a gorge, a falconry centre (as if we’d not seen enough!) and a big long cave, and of course driving home again.

Upon arrival at home it transpired Phoebe had lost a suspicious number of long wing feathers – meaning she can’t fly.  We initially suspected Frankie had attacked her – so headed straight to the emergency vet, who wasn’t an avian specialist, so she just gave us some painkillers and antibiotics, by the time we got her to the vet today (more extra driving!), it transpired she’d had a particularly heavy molt, exacerbated by a bit of over-zealous preening.

Still, we’ve got her settled in a separate cage now -she has a couple of blood feathers coming through that are less protected than they’d otherwise be, so we need to watch out for that – and just keep an eye on her to make sure she’s alright getting around the room without the power of flying!

And that leads me on to this week – on wednesday Rich and I are taking Uncle Ken down to Wembley to watch England play Germany in a friendly.  To be honest, watching Steve McClaren’s hapless reign as England manager isn’t massively motivating for me, but I’ll be excited to see the new stadium, and given the less-than-likely chance of me getting to see Forest there, as I did at the old Wembley, I suppose beggars can’t be choosers!

Oh aye, and Tom showed me the genius video clip below – featuring some lions attempting to catch a young buffalo type thing, you’ve probably seen it already as it’s had about 14million hits on YouTube as I type, but it has a couple of twists in the tale – it’s called ‘Battle at Kruger’ – enjoy!

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